Green Bay Packers begin three consecutive away game stretch: Six stats you might not know!

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The Green Bay Packers at the San Francisco 49e...

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The Green Bay Packers today begin a three-game road trip that will take them to Indianapolis, Houston and St. Louis in the next three weeks. Since the Super Bowl era began in 1966, this will be the 15th season that the Packers will have three consecutive games on the road on their schedule.

Here’s a few stats that you might not know about these three-game road trips on the Packers regular season schedule since 1966.

1. The Packers in two seasons (1967 and 1996) had a pair of three-game road trips on their regular season schedule. In 1967 the Packers went 2-1 in each of those three-game away journeys, while in 1996 they went 2-1 in the first three-game road trip and 1-2 in the second one. One common fact about those two seasons: The Packers won the Super Bowl at the end of each of those seasons!

2. The last time Green Bay played three consecutive games on the road was in 1998. The Pack went 11-5 that season and made the playoffs, losing to the San Francisco 49ers in a first-round game.

3. In 1970, the Packers played five consecutive away games to end the ’70 season. The Packers played Minnesota, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit in away games, going 1-4 in those five contests. They entered that five-game stretch with a 5-4 record and ended the season 6-8, out of the playoffs.

4. Green Bay has played pretty well in the home game after the three consecutive games on the road in their history. In four occasions, the team played their three consecutive games on the road to end the season. On 11 occasions, the Packers were 8-3 in those home games after the three-game road trip. In one season, the Packers had a bye the week after their three-game road trip; they did, however, win the next home game after their bye week in that season.

5. Only once did Green Bay go 3-0 in those three consecutive away games in a season. That happened in 1997. They went 2-1 four times, 1-2 seven times and 0-3 twice. They went 1-1-1 in 1982.

6. In the previous 14 seasons when the Packers had to play three consecutive games on the road, the team made the playoffs in exactly half (seven) of those seasons. Green Bay has made the playoffs in the last four seasons when they played three straight on the road (1998, 1997, 1996 and 1994).

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