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Green Bay Packers: How have they previously done after the bye week?

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The 6-3 Green Bay Packers had a bye last week and get back into the action this Sunday with a game against division rivals, the Detroit Lions. So how well have previous Packers teams done the week after a bye? Here’s a look at some of the stats.

* The Pack is 14-9 (a .605 winning percentage) after the bye week since 1990. They have, however, won nine of their last 11 after the week off. Of the last three Packers coaches, Mike McCarthy has the best record after the bye; his team’s have won five and lost only one. Mike Sherman was 4-2; Mike Holmgren’s Packers were 3-5 the week after the bye.

* Twelve of the 23 games were decided by seven points or less. Last year the Packers defeated the San Diego Chargers 45-38 in their first game after the bye week. The Packers have played in three overtime contests, winning one and losing two, after the bye.

* The Packers have a 7-1 record in games at home after the bye week; they are 7-8 in games away after the bye week. This week’s game is in Detroit.

* This year’s bye came on Week 10. In the past years, the Packers are 1-0 after a bye on Week 10. Other records after bye weeks: Week 3 bye, 0-1; Week 4 bye, 1-0; Week 5 bye, 1-1; Week 6 bye, 1-3; Week 7 bye, 4-2; Week 8 bye, 5-2; Week 9 bye, 1-0.

* Green Bay holds an advantage in turnovers in games after the bye week. The Packers have committed 32 turnovers to the opponents 45. In the 11 games after the bye week in which the Packers had fewer turnovers than their opponents, they won 10 and lost one.

* The Packers played 14 of their 22 games after the bye week versus division opponents. They had a 9-6 record. They are 5-3 against AFC opponents.

* Aaron Rodgers is 3-1 after the bye week as the Packers starting quarterback. In 17 games after the bye week with the Packers, Brett Favre was 10-7.

* The Packers came into the 2012 season one of nine teams that have won 60 percent or more of their games after the bye. The teams with the best record after the bye (prior to the 2012 season): Philadelphia 19-4, .826; Denver 17-6, .739; Minnesota 17-6, .739; Dallas 16-7, .696; Baltimore 11-5, .688; Buffalo 15-8, .652; Chicago 15-8, .652; Green Bay 14-9, .609; Pittsburgh 14-9, .605.

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New England Patriots offense: Are they the NFL’s best?

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The New England Patriots offense last Sunday came off their bye week by scoring four touchdowns and three field goals in a 37-31 win over the Buffalo Bills.

If you go back to their game prior to the bye, the Pats offense has now scored on 14 of their last 18 possessions, scoring 10 TDs and four field goals in the last two contests.

Their seven scores in nine possessions last weekend helped the Patriots offense extend their lead in the weekly NFL POP Score rankings. The Patriots ranking is 2.6, with the Atlanta Falcons second at 2.27. It’s the biggest lead any team has had in these rankings this season.

With games the next two weeks against Indianapolis and the New York Jets, both teams with defenses ranked in the bottom half of the league, the Patriots offense could put up some big numbers in the next two games.

(POP Score is based on the simple premise that it is the offensive team’s objective to score a touchdown (or at the least, kick a field goal) in each possession. POP Score stands for Points per Offensive Possession. Here’s how it works: The Falcons in Week One had nine possessions in their game. On four of the possessions, they scored a touchdown. On four of their possessions they kicked a field goal. They punted once. They scored 24 points on their four TDs (extra points are not included in Pop Score); 12 points on their four field goals. The Atlanta offense scored 36 points on nine possessions. By dividing the 36 points by the nine possessions, you get a POP Score of 4.0. Maximum POP Score is 6.0, which would indicate that a team scored a touchdown every time they had an offensive possession.)

Here’s a look at the POP Score rankings through Week 10.

Team, POP Score, (Season Offensive Scores/Possessions)

1. New England 2.6 (52 scores in 97 possessions)

2. Atlanta 2.27 (47 scores in 97 possessions)

3. New York Giants 2.15 (52 scores in 106 possessions)

4. New Orleans 2.13 (38 scores in 96 possessions)

5tie. Baltimore 2.09 (42 scores in 96 possessions)

5tie. Tampa Bay 2.09 (42 scores in 99 possessions)

7tie. Denver 2.08 (39 scores in 95 possessions)

7tie. Pittsburgh 2.08 (40 scores in 88 possessions)

9. Green Bay 2.04 (38 scores in 97 possessions)

10. San Francisco 2.01 (38 scores in 91 possessions)

11. Houston 1.89 (40 scores in 103 possessions)

12. Detroit 1.88 (40 scores in 99 possessions)

13. Cincinnati 1.87 (39 scores in 101 possessions)

14. Minnesota 1.83 (44 scores in 108 possessions)

15. Washington 1.8 (36 scores in 95 possessions)

16. San Diego 1.78 (35 scores in 91 possessions)

17. Buffalo 1.73 (33 scores in 99 possessions)

18tie. Chicago 1.69 (37 scores in 99 possessions)

18tie. Seattle 1.69 (36 scores in 100 possessions)

20. Indianapolis 1.68 (35 scores in 93 possessions)

21. Dallas 1.67 (33 scores in 90 possessions)

22. Oakland 1.61 (39 scores in 106 possessions)

23. Tennessee 1.56 (36 scores in 108 possessions)

24. St. Louis 1.45 (31 scores in 91 possessions)

25. Philadelphia 1.41 (31 scores in 100 possessions)

26. Miami 1.4 (30 scores in 101 possessions)

27. Cleveland 1.34 (32 scores in 105 possessions)

28. Carolina 1.33 (25 scores in 97 possessions)

29. New York Jets 1.3 (27 scores in 97 possessions)

30. Kansas City 1.19 (30 scores in 106 possessions)

31. Arizona 1.15 (27 scores in 107 possessions)

32. Jacksonville 1.04 (27 scores in 103 possessions)

Biggest gainers this week: Baltimore (up seven spots this week); Buffalo (up five spots this week); St. Louis (up four spots this week).

Biggest losers this week: Chicago (down six spots this week); New York Jets (down five spots this week); Dallas (down three spots this week), Miami (down three spots this week), Pittsburgh (down three spots the week)

NFL POP Score league average through Week 10: 1.74

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