Houston Texans reclaim ‘best defense’ tag in NFL STOP Factor rankings

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With a national audience watching, the Houston Texans won last Sunday night’s battle of the NFL’s top two defenses when they defeated the Chicago Bears 13-6.

The two teams entered that contest as the only two teams in the league that had stopped their opponents from scoring on 75 percent or more of their possessions.

In the Bears-Texans game, the Texans allowed only two field goals in the Bears 14 possessions. The Bears gave up a TD and two field goals in the Texans’ 13 offensive drives.

This week Houston faces the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. It could mean the Texans defense will have another big game.

With allowing only two scores in last Sunday night’s game, the Texans reclaimed the top spot in this week’s NFL STOP Factor rankings. Houston is at a 76.6 percent STOP Factor for the season, leading the Bears who are at 76.1 percent for the year.

(The STOP Factor is based on the premise that it is the defense’s job to stop their opponents from scoring on each possession. To get a team’s STOP Factor, you divide the number of times a defense stops the offense from scoring – offensive unit TD or field goal – by the number of total possessions by the opposition.)

Following is each NFL teams’ STOP Factor. Listed is how many times each team stopped the opponents from scoring, the number of possessions their opponents had, and the percentage of possessions that each team prevented the other team from scoring (stats are through Week 10 games).

Team, Opponents’ scoreless possessions/opponents’ possessions, STOP percentage

1. Houston 76.6 (82 stops in 107 possessions)

2. Chicago 76.1 (83 stops in 109 possessions)

3. San Francisco 72.5 (66 stops in 91 possessions)

4. Seattle 71.0 (71 stops in 100 possessions)

5. Arizona 69.8 (74 stops in 106 possessions)

6. Atlanta 68.5 (63 stops in 92 possessions)

7. Denver 67.3 (68 stops in 101 possessions)

8. San Diego 67.0 (59 stops in 88 possessions)

9tie. Cleveland 66.3 (69 stops in 104 possessions)

9tie. Tampa Bay 66.3 (69 stops in 104 possessions)

11tie. Green Bay 65.7 (67 stops in 102 possessions)

11tie. Miami 65.7 (69 stops in 105 possessions)

13. New England 64.3 (63 stops in 98 possessions)

14. Pittsburgh 63.2 (55 stops in 87 possessions)

15. Minnesota 63.0 (68 stops in 108 possessions)

16. New York Giants 62.9 (66 stops in 105 possessions)

17. Dallas 62.2 (56 stops in 90 possessions)

18. Philadelphia 61.9 (60 stops in 97 possessions)

19. Indianapolis 61.7 (58 stops in 94 possessions)

20. Cincinnati 61.2 (60 stops in 98 possessions)

21. St. Louis 60.9 (56 stops in 92 possessions)

22. Baltimore 60.8 (62 stops in 102 possessions)

23. Detroit 59.8 (55 stops in 92 possessions)

24. New York Jets 59.4 (57 stops in 96 possessions)

25. Washington 57.0 (57 stops in 100 possessions)

26. Jacksonville 55.8 (53 stops in 95 possessions)

27. New Orleans 55.0 (55 stops in 100 possessions)

28tie. Carolina 54.8 (51 stops in 93 possessions)

28tie. Kansas City 54.8 (51 stops in 93 possessions)

30. Tennessee 52.8 (56 stops in 106 possessions)

31. Oakland 52.4 (55 stops in 105 possessions)

32. Buffalo 51.0 (49 stops in 96 possessions)

Biggest gainers this week: Denver (up seven spots this week); Indianapolis (up four spots this week); Pittsburgh (up four spots this week); Seattle (up four spots this week); Kansas City (up three spots this week).

Biggest losers this week: Detroit (down eight spots this week); Miami (down four spots this week); Buffalo (down three spots this week); New York Giants (down three spots this week).

Average league STOP Factor (through Week 10): 62.8

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