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NFL Thursday games: Who wins, who loses?

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A Thanksgiving Green Bay vs. Detroit game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The NFL in 2006 gave us a little extra Thanksgiving treat by expanding the number of games played on that day to three. This year’s trio of games will be Houston vs. Detroit, Washington vs. Dallas and New England vs. the New York Jets.

Of the six teams playing today, only one, Dallas, has a winning record in Thursday games (since 1966). The Cowboys have a 29-16-1 record (.641 winning percentage) on Thursdays.

Here’s a quick look at the three match-ups for today.

Houston vs. Detroit: The Lions have played the most games on Thursdays (since 1966) with 50. They have lost eight straight on Thursdays. The Texans are playing only their fourth game on a Thursday. (Note: After this game the Carolina Panthers will have played the fewest games on Thursday with three.)

Washington vs. Dallas: Dallas has won six of the last seven games they played on Thursdays. The Redskins have won two of their last three, but have lost four of their last six on Thursday.

New England vs. New York Jets: The Patriots have won four of their last five on Thursday. The Jets have won three of their last four Thursday contests.

How have each of the 32 NFL teams done in Thursday games? Following are the records of each NFL teams on Thursdays (since 1966).

Winning percentage, team (record)

.909 Indianapolis (10-1)

.778 Philadelphia (7-2)

.773 San Francisco (8-2-1)

.641 Dallas (29-16-1)

.600 Miami (9-6); Tennessee (9-6)

.571 Atlanta (4-3); Cincinnati (4-3); New York Giants (4-3)

.563 Kansas City (9-7)

.556 Minnesota (10-8)

.545 San Diego (6-5)

.500 Green Bay (8-8); Buffalo (5-5); New England (5-5); New Orleans (3-3); Tampa Bay (2-2)

.471 Pittsburgh (8-9)

.462 Denver (6-7); Oakland (6-7)

.455 St. Louis (5-6)

.440 Detroit (22-28)

.412 Chicago (7-10)

.400 Baltimore (2-3)

.364 Washington (4-7)

.333 Houston (1-2)

.300 New York Jets (3-7)

.286 Seattle (2-5)

.250 Cleveland (3-9)

.167 Jacksonville (1-5)

.000 Arizona (0-9); Carolina (0-3)

Two teams, Indianapolis and the Green Bay Packers have the longest winning streaks on Thursdays. The Colts have won eight straight on Thursdays, while the Packers have a four-game winning streak in Thursday contests.

Following are teams with the longest winning and losing streaks in Thursday games.

Longest winning streaks: Indianapolis (8), Green Bay (4), Denver (3), Atlanta (2), Baltimore (2).

Longest losing streaks: Arizona (9), Detroit (8), Jacksonville (5), Miami (3), Minnesota (3), Carolina (3)

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