Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: How well do you know the series?

English: Brett Favre with the Vikings

Brett Favre with the Vikings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings began their series back in 1961 when the Packers won a 33-7 contest on October 22 at Metropolitan Stadium. Sunday’s game will be the 103rd in the series.

How well do you know the series? Take this 10-question trivia quiz and find out.

1. The Packers and Vikings will meet for the 102nd time in the regular season on Sunday. They have played once in the playoffs. Who won that playoff game?

2. In how many of the games between the two teams have the Packers scored 40 or more points in a game? Two times, four times, six times, or eight times? For extra credit, how many times have the Vikings scored 40 or more points in a game in the series? Once, three times, five times?

3. Who has scored the most TDs for the Packers against the Vikings? Which Vikings player has scored the most TDs against the Packers?

4. The Packers have returned only two kickoffs for touchdown against the Vikings. When did it happen last and name the player who did it? Hint: It happened in the 1990’s.

5. The Packers have had five quarterbacks who have attempted 100 or more passes against the Vikings in their careers with the Packers. Can you name the five?

6. Who was the last Packers running back to gain 100 or more yards rushing in a game against Minnesota? Hint: It was done in 2007.

7. Which Packers kicker has the most career field goals made versus the Vikings? Which Vikings kicker has the most career field goals made versus the Packers?

8. Which Green Bay player has the most career receptions against the Vikings?

9. Former Green Bay QB Brett Favre played four games with the Vikings against the Packers. Facing off against Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, the two teams split those four games. In those four games, which of the two QBs, Favre or Rodgers, had more TD passes, fewer interceptions, and a higher passer rating?

10. The Packers and Vikings played 20 times in the 1990s. Which team won more games that decade in the series?


1. The Vikings won the NFC first-round playoff game, 31-17, after the 2004 season.

2. The Packers have scored 40-plus points in four games. The Vikings have scored 40 or more only once in the series.

3. Packers running back Ahman Green has the most TDs in games against Minnesota, nine. Receiver Randy Moss scored 13 touchdowns against the Packers, most for the Vikings.

4. The last time the Packers returned a kickoff for TD against the Vikings was Oct. 5, 1998. Roell Preston returned a second quarter kickoff 101 yards for the Pack.

5. The five Packers QBs who have attempted 100 or more passes against the Vikings are: Brett Favre (666), Bart Starr (223), Lynn Dickey (187), Aaron Rodgers (177) and Don Majkowski (102).

6. Ryan Grant is the last Green Bay runner to gain over 100 yards in a game versus the Vikings. He gained 119 in a Nov. 11, 2007 game.

7. Ryan Longwell made 29 three-pointers against the Vikings. Fred Cox had 43 field goals made in his career against the Pack.

8. Donald Driver has 92 receptions versus the Vikings.

9. In those four games Favre played against the Pack, he had eight TDs, four interceptions and a passer rating of 89.9. Rodgers had 11 TDs, three interceptions and a passer rating of 111.3. Rodgers won in each category.

10. The Vikings won 12, the Pack won eight of those 20 games played in the 1990s.

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