No three-pointers in their NBA career

Anderson Varejão of the Cleveland Cavaliers. S...

Anderson Varejão of the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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During his 15-year NBA career, Michael Cage was a hard-working defender who was known for his rebounding prowess. The 14th selection in the 1984 NBA draft, Cage amassed 8,646 rebounds, good enough for 50th place on the all-time list.

But there’s another, less-known, stat where Cage’s name sits atop the NBA all-time list. In his career, Cage attempted 25 three-point shots. He made none of them. Cage is thus the NBA player with the most three-point shots taken in a career who never made a three-pointer.

Here’s a look at the 14 players in NBA history who attempted 15 or more three-point shots in their careers who never made one of them. (Four of the players on the list are active players and will likely have an opportunity to get their names off this list.)

Player (last year in league), 3-pt shot attempts
Michael Cage (2000) 25
Wayman Tisdale (1997) 21
Ed Pinckney (1997) 18
Chris Wilcox (active) 17
Bernard Thompson (1989) 17
Zaza Pachulia (active) 17
Chris Kaman (active) 17
Marc Iavaroni (1989) 17
Armen Gilliam (2000) 17
Ollie Mack (1982) 16
Bobby Jones (1986) 16
Earl Cureton (1997) 16
Pat Cummings (1991) 16
Brandon Bass (active) 15

Of the 14 on the above list, Tisdale had the most career points in the league with 12, 878.

Looking at the stats through the first half of the 2012-13 season, five players had launched five or more three-pointers without making one. Boston’s Kevin Garnett tops the list with 10 three-point attempts and none made. He is followed by Brandon Roy (nine attempts), Marquis Teaque (seven attempts), and Anderson Varejao and Anthony Davis (each with five attempts).

Taking this stat a step further, there are seven players in NBA history who have made only one three-point shot in their career with 25 or more attempts. Topping this list is Franklin Edwards (he played in the league from 1982-88) who made one three-pointer in 33 attempts during his career. Current Cleveland forward/center Anderson Varejao (who is o-for-five this season from three-point land) has one three-pointer in his career on 32 attempts. The others who have only one three-point shot made in their career with 25-plus attempts: Sidney Green (27 attempts), Craig Smith (27 attempts), Phil Hubbard (26 attempts), Jerome Williams (26 attempts) and Jason Thompson (25 attempts).

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