MLB: A look at the 90-win season

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Everybody loves trivia, right? Let’s see how well you do on these trivia questions. The topic: 90-win seasons in major league baseball. (You’ll be able to find the answers to these questions in the narrative written following the five questions.)

1. Nine teams had 90-plus wins last season. Of those nine teams, name the three teams that also won 90 or more games in 2011.

2. Since 2000, the New York Yankees top the majors with 11 90-win seasons. Three National League teams are tied for the top spot in the N.L. with seven 90-win seasons. Can you name those three teams?

3. Three teams have not had a 90-win season in this century. Two are A.L. teams, one is an N.L. team. Name the three.

4. Seven franchises have never won 90 or more games in three consecutive seasons. How many of the seven can you name?

5. In addition to the seven teams that have never won 90-plus games in three straight seasons, one team has not won 90-plus games since 1928-30. Can you name that team?

A pair of American League teams last season won 90-plus games in three consecutive seasons for the first time in their franchise history. The Texas Rangers won 93 games last season giving them their third straight year with 90-plus wins. The Tampa Bay Rays won 90 games last year giving them three straight years with 90-plus wins for the first time in their history.

The New York Yankees have the current longest streak of 90-plus win seasons. With their 95 wins in 2012, the Yanks have won 90-plus in four straight seasons.

The Yankees have the most 90-win seasons since the 2000 season with 11. Two teams, Baltimore and Washington, won 90 games last season; for both, it was their first 90-win season this century.

Following are the number of 90-win seasons for each MLB team since the turn of the century.

90-win seasons since 2000, Teams

11: N.Y. Yankees
7: Atlanta, Boston, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis
6: L.A. Angels
5: Minnesota
4: Arizona, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tampa Bay
3: Chicago White Sox, L.A. Dodgers, Texas
2: Cincinnati, Colorado, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, N.Y. Mets
1: Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Miami, San Diego, Washington
0: Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Toronto

As mentioned above in the trivia quiz, seven franchises have never won 90-plus games in three consecutive seasons. The seven are: Arizona, Colorado, Houston, Miami, Milwaukee, San Diego and Washington. For the remaining 23 teams, some of them have been waiting a long time to get three consecutive season with 90-plus wins. The longest wait? The Cubs; they have not won 90-plus games in three straight seasons since 1928-30.

Following are the last time the remaining 23 MLB teams won 90 or more games in three straight years.

Team, last time they won 90-plus games in three straight seasons

Chicago Cubs 1928-30
Chicago White Sox 1963-65
Detroit 1967-69
Cincinnati 1974-76
Kansas City 1976-78
L.A. Dodgers 1976-78
Baltimore 1978-80
N.Y. Mets 1986-88
Pittsburgh 1990-92
Toronto 1991-93
Cleveland 1999-2001
St. Louis 2000-02
Seattle 2001-03
Minnesota 2002-04
Oakland 2002-04
San Francisco 2002-04
Arizona 2003-05
Boston 2007-09
L.A. Angels 2007-09
Philadelphia 2009-11
N.Y. Yankees 2010-2012
Tampa Bay 2010-12
Texas 2010-12

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