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The last time each NBA team won a playoff series

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Now that the 2013 NBA playoffs have begun the second round of games, we can take a look at an interesting stat re: playoff series wins.

Of the eight teams still left in the NBA playoffs, four of them also won playoff series last season (Miami, Indiana, San Antonio and Oklahoma City). Of those other four still in this year’s playoffs, the New York Knicks had previously had the longest wait for winning a playoff series; the Knicks had not won a playoff series since 2000 until they defeated the Boston Celtics last week to reach the second round. Sixth-seed Golden State beat third-seed Denver last week to give them their first playoff series win since 2007. Memphis and Chicago, both second-round participants this year, last won playoff series in 2011.

With their playoff win over Boston, the Knicks are no longer tied for the NBA franchise with the longest drought for a playoff series win; the Portland Trailblazers now hold that distinction. Portland last won a playoff series in 2000. Close behind are the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors, who both have not won a playoff series since 2001.

Following are the last years each NBA last won a playoff series.

Last year winning a playoff series, team(s)
2000: Portland
2001: Milwaukee, Toronto
2004: Minnesota, Sacramento
2005: Charlotte (have never won a playoff series in franchise history), Washington
2007: Brooklyn
2008: Detroit, New Orleans
2009: Denver, Houston
2010: Cleveland, Orlando, Phoenix, Utah
2011: Atlanta, Dallas,
2012: Boston, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Lakers, Philadelphia
2013: Chicago, Golden State, Indiana, Memphis, Miami, New York, Oklahoma City, San Antonio

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