Brewers thankful to see the Pittsburgh Pirates on their schedule

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When a major league team goes through a rough stretch in their schedule, it’s sure nice to play a few games against a team that they have beaten with regularity. These “slump-buster” matchups can reverse a losing streak real quick.

It seems as though the Brewers have found their “slump-buster” in the form of the division-rival Pittsburgh Pirates. The Brewers have won three of five from the Pirates this season. Last year the Brew Crew won 11 of the 15 games; and in 2011, the Brewers were 12-3 against the Bucs.

Since 2010, the Brewers have won 39 of the 53 games played against Pittsburgh, a .736 winning percentage.

That is not, however, the most dominating matchup over the past three-plus seasons that we’ve seen in the majors. The Chicago White Sox hold that distinction with a very dominating 26-5 record against the Seattle Mariners since 2010 ( a .839 winning percentage).

Here’s a look at the most dominating matchups in the majors since 2010 (a minimum of 20 games played in head-to-head games since 2010 to qualify for this list).

Dominate matchups since 2010

Chicago White Sox 26-6 (.839) over Seattle

Philadelphia 17-4 (.810) over Colorado

Arizona 16-4 (.800) over Houston

Texas 19-5 (.792) over Houston

Los Angeles Dodgers 19-6 (.760) over Pittsburgh

Milwaukee 39-14 (.736) over Pittsburgh

Philadelphia 16-6 (.727) over San Diego

Toronto 16-6 (.727) over Minnesota

New York Yankees 18-7 (.720) over Cleveland

San Francisco 18-7 (.720) over Houston

Texas 18-7 (.720) over Cleveland

Cincinnati 40-16 (.714) over Chicago Cubs

Tampa Bay 17-7 (.708) over Minnesota

Atlanta 40-17 (.702) over Miami

Philadelphia 14-6 (.700) over Milwaukee

Looking at the Brewers all-time record against opponents, you might think that they have the best all-time record against the Pirates. The Brewers are 137-102 (.573 winning percentage) against Pittsburgh, which ranks second in their head-to-head records. The Brewers have their best head-to-head record against the Toronto Blue Jays since 1969. The Brewers have won 160 and lost 116 against Toronto, a .580 winning percentage. Third on the list are the Texas Rangers; the Brewers are 184-157 (a .540 winning percentage) against the Rangers all-time.

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