Milwaukee Brewers in danger of worst month in team history

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Milwaukee Brewers

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With only four games left in the month of May (including tonight’s contest against the Twins) the Milwaukee Brewers need to win at least two of their next four games to avoid matching their all-time worst month in the franchise’s history.

The Brewers are 5-19 in the month of May going into tonight’s game (a winning percentage of .208). The worst month in franchise history was in August 1969 when the Brewers were known as the Seattle Pilots. The team that year in August went 6-22 (a .214 winning percentage). For those purists who don’t want to accept the Pilots record that August, 1969 as part of the Brewers totals, the worst month for “the” Milwaukee Brewers was a 6-21 month (.222 winning percentage) in both September 1995 and August 2004.

If the Brewers win none of their next four games, they end up the month of May with a 5-23 record (.179); winning one of four will put them at 6-22 (.214); winning two of four will give them a May record of 7-21 (.250). The team would have to win all four of the remaining May games to finish the month 9-19 (a .321 winning percentage) and not end the month under .300.

Here’s a look at the worst months in franchise history.

Month, year, record (pct)

August, 1969, 6-22 (.214) *
September, 1995, 6-21 (.222)
August, 2004, 6-21 (.222)
July, 2001, 6-20 (.231)
August, 1975, 7-23 (.233)
April, 1970, 5-15 (.250)
May, 1987, 6-18, (.250)
May, 1994, 7-21 (.250)
September, 1976, 8-23 (.258)
September, 2001, 6-17 (.261)
September, 1973, 8-21 (.276)
September, 1985, 8-21 (.276)
August, 1999, 8-21 (.276)
May, 1976, 7-17 (.292)
September, 2002, 8-19, (.296)

* As the Seattle Pilots

Note: Of the 13 years in which the team won less than 30% of their games in a single month, in only one year (1987) did the team finish the season above .500. In that year the Brewers were 6-18 (.250) in May but still finished the year with a .562 winning percentage. In the other 12 seasons, the team finished the year with a winning percentage under .462.

Note #2: Of the 15 months under .300, six happened in September, four in August, three in May.

Note #3: Since 2000, the Brewers have finished with a winning percentage above .500 in the month of May only three times. They have finished above .500 only three times in the month of July since 2000.

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