Milwaukee Brewers continue long wait for a complete game

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Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo yesterday lasted six innings in the Brewers loss to the Oakland A’s. In his 13 starts this season, Gallardo has lasted seven or more innings in only one game. In fact, it has now been 77 games since Gallardo has pitched a complete game.

While Gallardo’s drought may be long, consider his team’s plight… the Brewers have not had a starting pitcher throw a complete game since April 5, 2011, a span of over two years, two months. The pitcher in that game? Gallardo! He pitched a two-hitter in the Brewers 1-0 win over Atlanta.

The Brewers have the current longest drought of complete games in the majors. The Colorado Rockies pitching staff has not had a complete game since August 11, 2011, the second-longest drought in the majors. The Brewers and Rockies were the only two teams in 2012 not to have a complete game.

In addition to the Brewers and Rockies having no complete games in 2012, four other teams went a whole season without a complete game: Miami, Texas and Washington in 2007, and San Diego in 2011.

This season there have been 39 complete games pitched. The Cardinals top the list with five, followed by the Dodgers and Phillies with four each. The Royals top the American League with three complete games. Of the 30 major league teams, 16 have at least one complete game this season.

Following are the 14 teams that have not had a complete game in 2013 and when they had their last complete game.

Team, Last complete game
Milwaukee: 4/5/11
Colorado: 8/11/11
Baltimore: 6/16/12
Toronto: 7/18/12
Pittsburgh: 7/31/12
San Diego: 8/11/12
San Francisco: 8/14/12
Minnesota: 8/27/12
N.Y. Mets: 8/31/12
Atlanta: 9/3/12
Miami: 9/9/12
Texas: 9/22/12
Houston: 9/30/12
Tampa Bay: 10/2/12

Looking at the number of complete games since the start of the century, the Toronto Blue Jays top the list with 116. The Phils are second with 100 complete games since 2000. The fewest? The San Diego Padres with only 40.

Here’s a look at the number of complete games for each team since 2000.

Toronto (116)

Philadelphia (100)

Arizona (99), Oakland (95), Seattle (94), Chicago White Sox (91), St. Louis (91), Cleveland (90)

L.A. Angels (88), San Francisco (82), Minnesota (80)

Detroit (79), Miami (78), Tampa Bay (77), Kansas City (75), Baltimore (73), N.Y. Mets (73), Chicago Cubs (70)

N.Y. Yankees (68), Washington (68), Boston (64), Cincinnati (64), Texas (63)

Atlanta (59), Milwaukee (57), L.A. Dodgers (55), Colorado (54), Houston (51), Pittsburgh (51)

San Diego (40)

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