99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#15) Six Stats you might not know about overtime TDs

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LaDainian Tomlinson tossing a football before ...

LaDainian Tomlinson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been 123 overtime touchdowns scored in NFL regular season games. In the 2012 season, there were four OT games in the regular season. Here’s a look at some of the numbers behind OT TDs!

1. LaDainian Tomlinson scored three overtime TDs in his career, tops in the NFL. Seven players have scored two overtime TDs: Michael Timpson, Jimmy Smith, John Jefferson, Santonio Holmes, Travis Henry, Mike Brown and Jerome Bettis.

2. Drew Bledsoe has thrown the most overtime TD passes, four. Terry Bradshaw is one behind Bledsoe with three. Five QBs have thrown two OT TD passes: Mark Brunell, Brett Favre, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon and Brian Sipe.

3. Of the 123 game-winning TDs in overtime, 63 have been scored by the home team, 60 by the visitors.

4. Tamarick Vanover is the youngest player to score an overtime touchdown. He scored on a punt return for Kansas City in a game in 1995. He was 21 years old. The oldest? Jimmy Smith scored an overtime touchdown for Jacksonville in 2005 at the age of 36. The youngest QB to throw a TD pass in overtime? Bledsoe at the age of 21. The oldest? Moon at the age of 38.

5. Sixty-one of the 123 overtime TDs have been passing scores. There have been 33 rushing touchdowns in OT. There have been 18 OT TDs scored via interception return for TD. All four of the OT touchdowns scored in the 2012 regular season were via pass plays.

6. Where have the touchdowns in overtime been scored from on the field?

50 yards or more: 34

40-49 yards: 12

30-39 yards: 22

20-29 yards: 19

10-19 yards: 16

Under 10 yards: 20

Bonus: There have been nine touchdowns scored in overtime in NFL playoff games. Four scored via pass, three by a run, one on an interception, and one on a fumble recovery. Five of the nine TDs were scored by the home team. Of the nine TDs, three were scored from 50 yards or more; two were scored from 20 to 49 yards; four were scored from under 20 yards out.

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