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99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#17) Which team has done the best job of protecting their QB in the last three years?

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Arizona Cardinals logo

Arizona Cardinals logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twenty of the 32 NFL teams have allowed 100 or more sacks in the last three years. Topping the list are the Arizona Cardinals whose quarterbacks have been sacked 162 times since 2010. At the other end of the list are the New York Giants who have allowed only 64 sacks in the last three seasons.

Here’s a look at how many sacks each teams’ offensive line has allowed since 2010.

Sacks allowed from 2010-12
Arizona, 162
Chicago, 149
Jacksonville, 132
Green Bay, 130
Philadelphia, 129
San Francisco, 129
Miami, 127
St. Louis, 124
Pittsburgh, 122
Carolina, 121
Washington, 120
Seattle, 118
San Diego, 117
Minnesota, 116
New York Jets, 115
Baltimore, 111
Cleveland, 111
Dallas, 106
Kansas City, 106
Denver, 103

Cincinnati, 99
Oakland, 96
Houston, 93
Detroit, 92
Indianapolis, 92
Tennessee, 90
Tampa Bay, 88
Buffalo, 87
New England, 84
Atlanta, 77
New Orleans, 76
New York Giants, 64

During the 2012 season, there were 63 occasions when a team did not allow a sack in a game. Teams that accomplished that compiled a 44-19 record (a .698 winning percentage). The Denver Broncos led the league with seven games where they did not allow a sack. They were followed by the Giants with five, Buffalo, Houston and Oakland (with four each), and Baltimore, Cincinnati, Detroit, New England and New Orleans (with three each).

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the longest drought when it comes to games where they did not allow a sack. The last Jaguars game where they did not allow a sack was October 3, 2010. The Arizona Cardinals are close behind; the Cards have not had a game with no sacks allowed since December 12, 2010.

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