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Blue Jays have second double-digit win streak in MLB in 2013

Toronto Blue Jays logo (1997–2002)

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Tampa Bay defeated the Toronto Blue Jays last night 4-1, ending the Blue Jays 11-game winning streak. The 11-game streak tied the franchise record.

It was also the second double-digit winning streak of the 2013 season. Earlier this year the Atlanta Braves ran off 10 straight wins.

For some MLB teams, a win streak of 10 or more games has been a rarity. For the Miami Marlins franchise, they have never had a win streak of 10 or more games in their history. Two teams, Kansas City and Baltimore, both have not had a winning streak of 10 or more games this century. The Royals last had a double-digit win streak in 1994 when they won 14 straight. The Orioles last won 10-plus in 1999 when they had a 13-game wining streak.

Following are the last years that each MLB team had a winning streak of 10 or more games (the number in parenthesis is the number of games won in a row that season)

Year, team (win streak)

Never: Miami

1994: Kansas City (14)

1999: Baltimore (13)

2001: Chicago Cubs (12); St. Louis (11)

2002: Anaheim (10); Seattle (10)

2003: Arizona (12); Milwaukee (10)

2004: Houston (12); Pittsburgh (10); San Francisco (10); Tampa Bay (12)

2005: Washington (10)

2006: L.A. Dodgers (11); Oakland (10)

2008: Cleveland (10); Minnesota (10); N.Y. Mets (10)

2009: Boston (11); San Diego (10)

2010: Chicago White Sox (11); Colorado (10); Philadelphia (11)

2011: Detroit (12); Texas (12)

2012: Cincinnati (10); N.Y. Yankees (10)

2013: Atlanta (10); Toronto (11)

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99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#27) Aaron Rodgers 50-plus sacks can’t stop him from another 100+ Passer Rating Season

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

Aaron Rodgers Throws

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As the Green Bay Packers starting QB the past five seasons, Aaron Rodgers has definitely set a standard that will be hard to duplicate when he hangs up his #12 uniform. Whether it’s TD passes, a career passer rating over 100, or a 52-26 regular season record as the Packers starting QB, Rodgers has put some eye-opening numbers on his professional football resume.

Here’s another one to consider: Rodgers this year became the first QB in NFL history to have two seasons where he was sacked 50-plus times but compiled a passer rating of 100 or more in that season. This year Rodgers was sacked 51 times and had a passer rating of 108. In 2009, Rodgers was sacked 50 times yet still had a season passer rating of 103.2.

Nine times there have been NFL quarterbacks who were sacked 50 or more times in a season yet the QB was able to compile a passer rating of 90 or above. With his 108 passer rating this year with 51 sacks, Rodgers now has the highest season passer rating of any NFL QB with 50-plus sacks.

Here’s a look at the QBs who have had a passer rating of 90 or above in a season when they were sacked 50-plus times.

Quarterback, season, passer rating (sacks)
1. Aaron Rodgers, 2012, 108 (51)
2. Aaron Rodgers, 2009, 103.2 (50)
3. Ben Roethlisberger, 2009, 100.5 (50)
4. Steve Bartkowski, 1983, 97.6 (51)
5. Ken O’Brien, 1985, 96.2 (62)
6. Steve Beuerlein, 1999, 94.6 (50)
7. Tony Eason, 1984, 93.4 (59)
8. Jeff George, 1997, 91.2 (58)
9. Craig Morton, 1981, 90.5 (54)

Rodgers this season became the 13th QB in NFL history to get sacked 50 or more times in two or more seasons. Here are those 13 QBs:

50-plus sack seasons, QBs
4: Randall Cunningham
3: Mark Brunell, Ken O’Brien, Phil Simms
2: Steve Beuerlein, Drew Bledsoe, David Carr, Tim Couch, Jeff George, Jon Kitna, Dave Krieg, Neil Lomax, Aaron Rodgers

Did you know:
* Rodgers was the only QB to get sacked 50 or more times this season. No QB was sacked 50-plus times last year. The only QB to get sacked 50-plus times in 2010 was Jay Cutler of the Bears who was sacked 52 times.

* David Carr holds the NFL record with 76 sacks in 2002 when he was the Houston QB.

* Rodgers’ 39 touchdown passes this season is the most by a QB who was sacked 50 or more times in a season. The previous high was 36 by Steve Beuerlein in 1999.

* Rodgers’ 67.2 percent pass completion rate this season is the highest of any QB who was sacked 50 or more times in a season. The previous high was 66.6 percent by Ben Roethlisberger in 2009.

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