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99 Stats Until Kickoff (#34) Greg Jennings became fifth ‘400-50’ receiver for the Pack

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Greg Jennings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings has decided to travel west and become a Minnesota Viking, but it is noteworthy to mention that his last reception in the New Orleans‘ game on September 30 was a milestone for Number 85 while in a Packers jersey.

In the second quarter of that game, Jennings caught a nine-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers. It was the 50th receiving TD of Jennings’ career with the Pack and his 401st reception as a Packer. He not only became the fifth Packer to amass 400 receptions and 50 TD catches with the franchise, but he also became the 58th player in NFL history to have 400 catches and 50 receptions with one NFL franchise.

All total, 94 players are members of the 400 catches-50 TD receptions club.

Following are the five members of the Packers 400-50 Club.

Packers receivers with 400 catches and 50 touchdowns

Donald Driver: 738 receptions, 60 TDs

Sterling Sharpe: 595 receptions, 65 TDs

Don Hutson: 488 receptions, 99 TDs

Antonio Freeman: 431 receptions, 57 TDs

Greg Jennings: 425 receptions, 53 TDs

With Jennings becoming the fifth Packers player to join the 400-50 Club, the Packers now have the most members of any NFL team. Green Bay was tied with the Washington Redskins with four 400-50 members. Following are the number of players that have collected 400 receptions and 50 TD receptions with each NFL franchise.

5: Green Bay

4: Washington

3: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego

2: Arizona, Carolina, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis

1: Buffalo, Houston, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tennessee

0: Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Tampa Bay

Three more players joined the 400-50 Club this past season. In Detroit, Calvin Johnson joined the club and now has 488 catches and 54 TDs; in Atlanta, Roddy White now has 622 receptions and 52 TD receptions with the Falcons; in New Orleans, Marques Colston joined the club in 2012 with his career total of 532 catches and 58 pass receptions for TD.

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