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99 Stats Until Kickoff (#45) Can NFL teams win by scoring less than 10 points in a game?

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Since the beginning of the 1970 NFL season (the merger between the NFL and AFL) there have been 128 occasions when a team has won a game by scoring less than 10 points. In the 2012 season, it has happened three times: Baltimore defeated Kansas City 9-6 on October 7; the Browns with a one-point win over the Chargers, 7-6, on October 28; and on December 2 when the New York Jets edged the Arizona Cardinals 7-6.

Following are the number of games each NFL team has won since 1970 when they scored less than 10 points.

10 games: Buffalo, Indianapolis

8 games: Cleveland, Pittsburgh

7 games: Oakland

6 games: Chicago, Denver, New England, Tennessee

5 games: Dallas, New York Jets
4 games: Atlanta, Green Bay, Miami, Minnesota, San Francisco
3 games: Detroit, Jacksonville, New Orleans, New York Giants, Tampa Bay, Washington
2 games: Arizona, Baltimore, Kansas City, Seattle, St. Louis

1 game: Carolina, Philadelphia, San Diego

0 games: Cincinnati, Houston

There have been three games in the playoffs won by teams that scored less than 10 points:

December 26, 1970: Dallas over Detroit, 5-0

January 6, 1980: Los Angeles Rams over Tampa Bay, 9-0 (NFC Championship Game)

January 3, 1998: Pittsburgh over New England, 7-6

One final note: Of the teams that have won a game with less than 10 points, the team that has waited the longest for their next win with 10 or fewer points is the St. Louis Rams franchise. The Rams have not won a game by scoring less than 10 points since that NFC Championship Game in 1980 when they defeated the Bucs, 9-0.

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