99 Stats Until Kickoff (#58) The game after the bye week

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From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

The Philadelphia Eagles last season lost to the Atlanta Falcons 30-17 the week following their bye week. It was only the fifth time since 1990 that the Eagles have lost a game after the bye week. Even with the loss, the Eagles retained their lead as the NFL’s best team after the bye week. The Eagles are 19-5 in those games, a .792 winning percentage.

NFL teams were 15-15-2 after the bye week in 2012 with NFC teams going 8-6-2 and AFC teams going 7-9.

Following are the records of each NFL team in games following the bye week since it was added to NFL schedules in 1990.

AFC Team, record the week following the bye week (1990-2012)
Denver 18-6 .750
Baltimore, 12-5 .706
Buffalo, 15-9 .625
Pittsburgh, 15-9 .625
Indianapolis, 14-10 .583
Miami, 14-10 .583
New England, 14-10 .583
Kansas City, 13-11 .542
Tennessee, 13-11 .542
New York Jets, 12-12 .500
Jacksonville, 9-9 .500
San Diego, 11-12 .478
Oakland, 9-15 .375
Cleveland, 7-12 .368
Houston 4-7 .364
Cincinnati 6-17-1 .271

NFC Team, record the week following the bye week (1990-2012)
Philadelphia, 19-5 .792
Minnesota, 17-7 .708
Chicago, 16-8 .667
Dallas, 16-8 .667
Green Bay, 15-9 .625
Atlanta, 14-10 .583
New Orleans, 12-12 .500
Washington, 12-12 .500
St. Louis, 11-12-1 .479
Detroit, 11-13 .458
Tampa Bay, 11-13 .458
Carolina, 8-10 .444
San Francisco, 10-13-1 .438
Arizona, 10-14 .417
New York Giants, 9-15 .375
Seattle 6-18 .250

A few teams last season used their bye week to run off a slew of victories. The Denver Broncos won 10 straight after their bye week, followed by the Washington Redskins who won seven straight to end the season after their bye week. New England and Houston each won five straight games after their bye week; the Ravens won four straight after having a week off.

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