99 Stats Until Kickoff (#61) The Eagles are the kings of the Wild Card

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

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In 1970, the National Football League added a new element to the playoffs: the Wild Card team. In that season, the league allowed one non-division winning team in the postseason in addition to the three divisional champs. In 1978, two Wild Card teams were eligible for the playoffs; in 1990, the postseason included three Wild Card teams and the three divisional champs. In 2002, the league expanded to four divisions in each conference and added two Wild Card teams from each conference in the postseason. (Enough of the history lesson!)

Since 1970, every team except the Houston Texans has been a benefactor of a Wild Card playoff berth. The Cincinnati Bengals were the only repeat Wild Card teams this season from 2011.

Here’s a quick look at which teams have made the most playoff appearances as a Wild Card team since 1970.

11: Philadelphia

10: Tennessee

9: Dallas, New York Jets

8: Miami, Minnesota, St. Louis

7: Indianapolis, Washington, Denver, New York Giants

6: Detroit, Atlanta, Buffalo, Oakland, Kansas City, Green Bay

5: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Seattle

4: Cleveland, New England, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Jacksonville

3: Cincinnati, Tampa Bay

2: Arizona

1: San Diego, Carolina

0: Houston

These teams have not been a Wild Card team in this century (year listed is their last appearance as a Wild Card team): Oakland, 1993; Chicago, 1994; San Diego, 1995; Arizona, 1998; New England, 1998; Detroit 1999; Buffalo, 1999.

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