Max Scherzer looks to join ‘double-digit pitching wins with only one loss’ list

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Max Scherzer warming up his arm during pre-gam...

Max Scherzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arizona Diamondbacks’ pitcher Patrick Corbin will not be joining the list. His 1-0 loss to the San Diego Padres yesterday took care of that. It dropped his record for the year to 12-2.

Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Max Scherzer, on the other hand, is still on the list. Whether or not he stays there will be decided between now and the end of the season. His win on Saturday, however, raised his record for 2013 to 15-1.

Prior to this weekend, Corbin and Scherzer were the only two pitchers in the majors who had double-digit wins and only one loss. If Scherzer can end the season with only one loss, he would become the 14th pitcher in major league history to have 10 or more wins in a season with only one loss.

Here’s a look at the 13 pitchers who had 10-plus wins in a season with only one defeat.

Pitcher, Record, Year, Team
Roy Face, 18-1, 1959, Pittsburgh
Johnny Allen, 15-1, 1937, Cleveland
Phil Regan, 14-1, 1966, L.A. Dodgers
Jim Nash, 12-1, 1966, Kansas City
Terry Leach, 11-1, 1987, N.Y. Mets
Steve Sundra, 11-1, 1939, N.Y. Yankees
Kris Medlin, 10-1, 2012, Pittsburgh
Alfredo Aceves, 10-1, 2009, N.Y. Yankees
Mike Remlinger, 10-1, 1999, Atlanta
Aurelio Lopez, 10-1, 1984, Detroit
Kent Tekulve, 10-1, 1977, Pittsburgh
Tom Hall, 10-1, 1972, Cincinnati
Stan Williams, 10-1, 1970, Minnesota

There were also four pitchers who won 10 or more games in a season and did not lose a game. The last to accomplish this rare feat was Aaron Small, a pitcher with the New York Yankees in 2005. Small ended the ’05 campaign with a 10-0 record. The three other pitchers to win 10-plus games without a defeat in a season: Tom Zachary, N.Y. Yankees, 1927, 12-0; Howie Krist, St. Louis Cardinals, 1941, 10-0; Dennis Lamp, Toronto Blue Jays, 1985, 11-0.

All of the pitchers listed above finished their season with a winning percentage over .900. Two other pitchers finished a year with a .900 or better winning percentage, ironically both happened in 1995. Greg Maddux was 19-2 (a .905 winning percentage) with Atlanta; Randy Johnson was 18-2 (a .900 winning percentage) with Seattle in ’95.

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