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99 Stats Until Kickoff (#95) When was the last time your team returned a kick for a TD?

English: Dallas Cowboys kicking off.

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Returning a kick for a touchdown (either a kick-off or a punt) can be a rare event in the typical NFL season. Just last year, there were 14 kick-offs returned for TD (regular-season and playoffs) and 18 punts returned for scores.

In 2012, the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos each had a pair of TDs via kick-off return, and the Broncos, Buffalo and Tennessee each had two punt returns for touchdowns.

For some teams, however, getting a score via special teams (specifically, a kick-off or punt return) has not come that often. For example, with regards to kick-offs returned for TD, the St. Louis Rams have not had one since October 9, 2005, the longest current drought for a kick-off return for touchdown in the league.

On punts, the Detroit Lions’ punt return team has not returned a punt for TD since November 14, 2004, the longest current wait for a punt return score in the NFL.

Following is a by-team list of the last time each team returned a kick-off and punt for a touchdown.

Team, last kick-off return for TD, last punt return for TD
Arizona KO: 11-7-2010; P: 11-27-2011
Atlanta KO: 1-15-2011; P: 1-2-2011
Baltimore KO: 11-11-2012; P: 11-18-2012
Buffalo KO: 10-21-2012; P: 11-15-2012
Carolina KO: 11-20-2011; P: -22-2006
Chicago KO: 10-16-2011; P: 1-13-2011
Cincinnati KO: 11-15-2009; P: 9-16-2012
Cleveland KO: 12-20-2009; P: 12-9-2012
Dallas KO: 9-15-2008; P: 11-11-2012
Denver KO: 1-12-2013; P: 1-12-2013
Detroit KO: 10-10-2012; P: 11-14-2004
Green Bay KO: 9-8-2011; P: 9-9-2012
Houston KO: 10-4-2009; P: 9-11-2011
Indianapolis KO: 12-30-2012; P: 11-25-2012
Jacksonville KO: 11-4-2007; P: 12-19-2010
Kansas City KO: 11-22-2009; P: 9-13-2010
Miami KO: 11-15-2012; P: 9-9-2012
Minnesota KO: 9-30-2012; P: 9-30-2012
New England KO: 10-21-2012; P: 11-18-2012
New Orleans KO: 11-15-2009; P: 9-8-2011
New York Giants KO: 12-9-2012; P: 12-6-2009
New York Jets KO: 10-8-2012; P: 9-9-2012
Oakland KO: 10-16-2011; P: 12-21-2008
Philadelphia KO: 11-23-2008; P: 12-2-2012
Pittsburgh KO: 9-19-2010; P: 12-4-2011
San Diego KO: 12-30-2012; 12-23-2012
San Francisco KO: 9-11-2011; P: 9-11-2011
Seattle KO: 11-25-2012; P: 11-4-2007
St. Louis KO: 10-9-2005; P: 11-27-2011
Tampa Bay KO: 11-7-2010; P: 12-27-2009
Tennessee KO: 9-23-2012; P: 12-30-2012
Washington KO: 10-31-2010; P: 11-21-2010

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