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Isn’t scoring 28 points enough to win in the NFL?

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You would think that scoring 28 or more points in an NFL game would be enough to win that game, right? Think again.

From 2008-2012, teams that scored 28 or more points in a game won just over 86 percent of those games. In Week One of this season, 10 teams scored 28 or more points; of those 10, seven won. The three games where a team scoring 28 or more points lost: San Francisco over Green Bay, 34-28; Dallas over the New York Giants, 36-31; and Houston over San Diego, 31-28.

For the Packers, it was the eighth time since 2008 that they have lost a game when scoring 28 or more points (regular season and playoff games included). That’s one more loss than the Cowboys and Saints who each lost seven games since 2008 after scoring 28 or more points.

On the other side of the coin, the Saints have won 10 games since 2008 after giving up 28 or more points in a game.

Here’s a look at how many games (regular season and playoff games) NFL teams have lost when they scored 28 or more points and how many they won when giving up 28 or more points in games since 2008.

Scored 28 or more points in a game and lost
8 games: Green Bay
7 games: Dallas, New Orleans
6 games: Buffalo, Detroit
5 games: Carolina, Kansas City, Minnesota, New England, San Diego, Washington
4 games: New York Giants, Philadelphia
3 games: Arizona, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Oakland, Seattle
2 games: Baltimore, Cleveland, Jacksonville, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, Tennessee
1 game: Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Francisco
0 games: Chicago, St. Louis

Allowed 28 or more points in a game and won
10 games: New Orleans
8 games: New York Giants
6 games: Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, New England
5 games: Dallas, Denver, San Francisco
4 games: Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Philadelphia
3 games: Carolina, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, Washington
2 games: Jacksonville, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis, Tennessee
1 game: Arizona, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, Oakland, Seattle
0: Kansas City

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