Astros lose 100 games for third straight season

Astros logo, 1975–1994

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The Cincinnati Reds last night shut out the Houston Astros 10-0 handing the hapless Astros their 100th loss of the season. It was the third straight season that the Astros have lost 100 or more games.

In the process, Houston became the 12th franchise since 1901 to lose 100 or more games in three consecutive seasons. They are still, however, two seasons away from tying the major league record. The Philadelphia Phillies lost 100-plus games in five straight seasons from 1938-42.

Here’s a look at the teams that lost 100 or more games in three or more consecutive seasons (current franchise is listed in parenthesis).

Five consecutive seasons with 100-plus losses
1938-42 Philadelphia Phillies

Four consecutive seasons with 100-plus losses
1909-12 Boston Doves (Atlanta Braves franchise)
1961-64 Washington Senators (Texas Rangers franchise)
1962-65 New York Mets

Three consecutive seasons with 100-plus losses
1910-12 St. Louis Browns (Baltimore Orioles franchise)
1919-21 Philadelphia A’s (Oakland A’s franchise)
1922-24 Boston Braves (Atlanta Braves franchise)
1925-27 Boston Red Sox
1952-54 Pittsburgh Pirates
1977-79 Toronto Blue Jays
2004-06 Kansas City Royals
2011-13 Houston Astros

(Here’s a quick Trivia Quiz: Can you name the two current MLB franchises that have never lost 100 games in a season? Answer at the end of the column.)

Of the current 30 MLB franchises, the Oakland A’s have had the most seasons losing 100 or more games with 16. Next are the Atlanta Braves (13), Philadelphia Phillies (13), Baltimore Orioles (10), Boston Red Sox (7) and Pittsburgh Pirates (7).

Of the 28 franchises that have had at least one season in their history with 100-plus losses, the Dodgers and Cardinals have the current longest gap since their last 100-loss season. The Dodgers franchise lost 101 games in 1908; they were then known as the Brooklyn Superbas. That same year the St. Louis Cardinals lost 105 games. For both the Cards and Dodgers, 1908 was the last year those franchises topped the 100-loss mark. In the American League, the Yankees franchise has not had a 100-loss season since 1912. The New York A.L. franchise was then known as the New York Highlanders; they lost 102 games in 1912.

In addition to the two franchises that have never lost 100 games in a season (don’t worry, the answer is coming up!), there are five franchises that have only one 100-loss season in their history. The five, with the year they lost 100-plus games in parenthesis: Arizona (2004), Cincinnati (1982), Miami (1998), Milwaukee (2002) and San Francisco (1985).

The two franchises that have never lost triple-digits in a season? Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Angels.

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