Packers receivers make news first two weeks of the season

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James Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tied the franchise record with 480 passing yards against the Redskins on Sunday. Add in the 333 yards he amassed against the 49ers in Week One, and Rodgers has over 800 yards passing (813 to be exact) after the first two weeks of the season (he has a one-yard advantage over Eli Manning in this category).

Having a QB with over 800 yards the first two weeks also means his receivers have compiled some impressive numbers. In Sunday’s game against Washington, receiver James Jones had 11 catches for 178 yards and Randall Cobb added nine receptions for 128 yards. Add in the seven catches for 130 yards that fellow receiver Jordy Nelson had in Week One against the 49ers, and the Pack already had three different receivers go over 125 yards receiving in a game. There have been 15 players who had 125 or more yards receiving in a game so far this season and the Packers already have three different names on that list. No other team has more than one receiver on that list.

Cobb became the 10th Packers player to have 125 or more yards receiving in a game since 2000. (We interrupt this column for a Trivia Quiz: Okay Packers fans, can you name the 10 players who have gained 125 yards or more receiving in a game for the Packers since 2000? Answer at the end of the column.) Those 10 players, however, do not top the list. Here’s a look at the teams that have had the most players with 125 or more yards receiving in a game since 2000.

11 players: Dallas, Minnesota, New England, Oakland, Seattle, Tampa Bay
10 players: Denver, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Philadelphia
9 players: Baltimore, Cleveland, San Diego
8 players: Chicago, Detroit, New York Giants, San Francisco, St. Louis
7 players: Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York Jets
6 players: Arizona, Kansas City, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Washington
5 players: Buffalo, Houston
4 players: Carolina

The Packers’ James Jones also achieved an interesting milestone in the game on Sunday: Jones became the 38th different player since 1970 to have 175 or more receiving yards in a game without a touchdown. The NFL record is held by Keenan McCardell who in a game on October 20, 1996 had 232 receiving yards for Jacksonville but did not have a TD. Eight other players had 200 or more receiving yards in a game without a TD: Calvin Johnson (225 yards), Jabar Gaffney (213) Randy Moss (204), Jerry Rice (204), Sidney Rice (201), Frank Grant (200), Charlie Joiner (200) and Art Monk (200).

Trivia Answer: The 10 Packers who have gained 125-plus yards receiving in a game for the Pack since 2000 (number of games with 125-plus yards receiving in parenthesis)… Randall Cobb (1), Donald Driver (11), Jermichael Finley (1), Antonio Freeman (1), Terry Glenn (1), Greg Jennings (7), James Jones (3), Jordy Nelson (2), Bill Schroeder (1) and Javon Walker (4).

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