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Pirates finally get a post-season win

Venezuelan Summer Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates finally scratched a 21-year itch when they defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 6-2, in the National League Wild Card game on Tuesday night. It was the Pirates first post-season win since 1992.

Of the eight remaining teams in the MLB playoffs, the Atlanta Braves have the longest drought of not winning a post-season contest. The Braves last won a playoff game in 2005. In the American League, the Boston Red Sox have not won a post-season game since 2008, the longest wait of the four teams remaining in the A.L.

The Kansas City Royals still hold the current longest wait for a post-season win. The Royals, who won 86 games this season, the most since they won 92 in 1989, have not won a post-season game since 1985. They won the World Series that season. In the N.L., the Cubs and Marlins are tied for the longest post-season win wait; both have not had a playoff win since 2003.

One note of interest: Of the five teams that have not won a post-season game in the last 10 years (Royals, Blue Jays, Mariners, Cubs and Marlins) three of those teams, Kansas City, Toronto and Miami, last won a post-season game in the year they won the World Series.

Following is the last season each MLB team won a post-season game (includes Pittsburgh and Tama Bay’s wins in the Wild Card contests)

American League
Kansas City… 1985
Toronto… 1993
Seattle… 2001
Minnesota… 2004
Houston… 2005
Cleveland… 2007
Boston… 2008
Chicago White Sox… 2008
L.A. Angels… 2009
Texas… 2011
Baltimore… 2012
Detroit… 2012
N.Y. Yankees… 2012
Oakland… 2012
Tampa Bay… 2013

National League
Chicago Cubs… 2003
Miami… 2003
Atlanta… 2005
N.Y. Mets… 2006
San Diego… 2006
Colorado… 2009
L.A. Dodgers… 2009
Arizona… 2011
Milwaukee… 2011
Philadelphia… 2011
Cincinnati… 2012
St. Louis… 2012
San Francisco… 2012
Washington… 2012
Pittsburgh… 2013

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Peyton and Rivers make a little QB history this past weekend

English: Philip Rivers on the sideline of the ...

 Philip Rivers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ is a sports statistics blog published with a focus on stats that go beyond the numbers.

This past weekend, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers had big games for their respective teams and in the process made a little history. Here’s a look at what made this past week’s games so noteworthy for Manning and Rivers.

Peyton Manning: Through the first four weeks of this season, Manning has 16 touchdown passes and no interceptions. With 16-0 after Week 4 games, Manning eclipsed Don Meredith’s mark for most TD passes without an interception after the first four weeks of an NFL season. Meredith, the happy-go-lucky Cowboys’ QB-turned-TV-broadcaster, in 1966 had 14 TD passes without an Interception through the first four weeks of the season. Here’s a look at the QBs who had the most TD passes through Week 4 without an interception (from 1960-current).

Quarterback, Team, Year, TD Passes
Peyton Manning, Denver, 2013, 16
Don Meredith, Dallas, 1966, 14
Gary Danielson, Detroit, 1984, 9
Roman Gabriel, LA Rams, 1969, 9
Brad Johnson, Washington, 1999, 9
Steve Bartkowski, Atlanta, 1983, 8
Joe Ferguson, Buffalo, 1976, 8
John Hadl, LA Rams, 1973, 8
Mark Sanchez, NY Jets, 2010, 8
Fran Tarkenton, NY Giants, 1969, 8

Through Week 4, Manning has a Passer Rating of 138.0. That ranks fourth on the all-time list of highest Passer Rating for a QB through Week 4 of a season. Topping the list is Milt Plum who had a Passer Rating of 152.7 for Cleveland through Week 4 in 1960. Here is a list of the QBs with the highest Passer Rating through Week 4 in NFL history.

Quarterback, Team, Year, Passer Rating through Week 4
Milt Plum, Cleveland, 1960, 152.7
John Hadl, LA Rams, 1973, 145.7
Craig Morton, Dallas, 1969, 143.3
Peyton Manning, Denver, 2013, 138.0
Don Meredith, Dallas, 1966, 136.9
Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams, 1999, 136.0
Tom Brady, New England, 2007, 134.7
Johnny Unitas, Baltimore, 1964, 133.6
Steve Young, San Francisco, 1997, 133.3

Philip Rivers: With 401 yards passing, three TD passes and a completion rate of 83.3%, Rivers became the fifth QB in history to attain those numbers in a game. Ironically, Rivers is the second QB this season to throw for 400-plus yards, three or more TD passes, and have a completion percentage over 80% in a game. Green Bay Aaron Rodgers did it in Week 2 versus the Redskins.

Here’s a look at the five QB who have reached the 400 yards-3 TD passes-80% completion mark in an NFL game

9-29-2013: Philip Rivers, San Diego, 401 passing yards, three TD passes, 83.3% completion
9-15-2013: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 480 passing yards, four TD passes, 80.9% completion
12-18-2011: Drew Brees, New Orleans, 412 passing yards, five TD passes, 80% completion
11-28-1993: Steve Young, San Francisco, 462 passing yards, four TD passes, 81.3% completion
11-2-1986: Ken O’Brien, NY Jets, 431 passing yards, four TD passes, 81.3% completion

In addition, Rivers, with his 401 passing yards and completion rate of 83.3%, now holds the record for the highest completion rate in a game for a QB passing for 400 or more yards. He also now holds the record for highest completion percentage for a QB throwing 40 or more passes in a game. Tampa Bay’s Jeff Garcia previously held that record; he was 37 for 45 (82.2%) in a 2007 game.

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