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Seneca Wallace joins short list of Green Bay Packers starting QBs

The last two starting quarterbacks of the Gree...

Two of the four starting quarterbacks of the Green Bay Packers since 1992: Don Majkowski and Brett Favre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the Packers will look to Seneca Wallace to start behind center in their game this week against the Philadelphia Eagles. Wallace will become only the fifth player to start at QB for the Packers since 1992. It was that year that Brett Favre replaced Don Majkowski at QB and then went on to start 253 games for the Pack. In addition to Majkowski, Favre, Rodgers and Wallace (this week), the only other player to start a game at QB for the Packers since 1992 was Matt Flynn.

Since 1992, Packers quarterbacks have thrown 12,103 passes. Favre and Rodgers threw 11,670 of those passes, an amazing 96.4 percentage of the Packers pass attempts.

Speaking of pass attempts by Green Bay quarterbacks, here’s a little quiz. Since 1992, 11 quarterbacks have attempted 10 or more passes for the Packers. Can you name the 11? (Answer at the end of the column.)

While the Pack has started only four different QBs since 1992 (soon to become five), 10 NFL teams have started 20 or more different QBs in that same timeframe. Heading the list are the Bears and Browns, each with 26.

Here’s another trivia question: Since 1992, only two teams have had two players start at quarterback for their team in 100 or more games. Can you name those two teams?

Number of different quarterbacks started by each NFL team since 1992 (through Week #9 of the 2013 season)
26: Chicago, Cleveland
24: Arizona, Oakland
23: Washington
22: Miami
21: New York Jets, St. Louis
20: Detroit, Minnesota
18: Tampa Bay
17: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, New Orleans, Philadelphia
16 Baltimore (joined league in 1996), Buffalo, San Francisco, Seattle, Tennessee
15: Jacksonville, Kansas City
14: Carolina (joined league in 1995), Cincinnati, Indianapolis, San Diego
11: Pittsburgh
9: New York Giants
8: Houston (joined league in 2002), New England
4: Green Bay

Quiz answer: The 11 quarterbacks who attempted 10 or more passes for the Packers since 1992 are: Favre (8754), Rodgers (2916), Flynn (132), Doug Pederson (77), Majkowski (55), Craig Noll (48), Matt Hasselbeck (29), Mark Brunell (27), Ty Detmer (21), Seneca Wallace (19) and Steve Bono (10).

Quiz answer #2: The only two teams to have two different players start at QB for 100 or more of their games since 1992 are Dallas (Troy Aikman, 127 and Tony Romo, 102) and the New England Patriots (Tom Brady, 170 and Drew Bledsoe, 123).

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This is the Patriots time of the season

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Chicago’s win over Green Bay last night, Week #9 is in the books for the 2013 season. For some teams, they have already started playing games in the second half of the season. For others, the ninth game of the year (and the start of their second half of the ’13 season) will begin this week.

The New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, have been the NFL’s best team this century. One of the reasons for this has been how well the team has played in the second half of the season. Consider this: The Patriots were 27-5 in the second half of the season over the past four years, a .844 winning percentage, also tops in the league.

Following is a look at how well each of the teams have played in the second half of the season in the last four years (2009-2012, 32 games).

New England 27-5 .844

Green Bay 25-7 .781
New Orleans 23-9 .719

Atlanta 21-11 .656
Baltimore 21-11 .656
San Diego 21-11 .656
San Francisco 20-11-1 .641

Indianapolis 19-13 .594
Dallas 19-13 .594
Pittsburgh 18-14 .563
Denver 17-15 .531
Philadelphia 17-15 .531
Seattle 17-15 .531
Cincinnati 16-16 .500
Houston 16-16 .500
New York Jets 6-16 .500

Carolina 15-17 .469
Chicago 15-17 .469
Miami 15-17 .469
Tennessee 15-17 .469
Arizona 14-18 .438
Minnesota 14-18 .438
New York Giants 13-19 .406
Washington 13-19 .406

Kansas City 12-20 .375
Oakland 12-20 .375
Buffalo 11-21 .344
Jacksonville 11-21 .344
Cleveland 10-22 .313
Tampa Bay 10-22 .313

Detroit 9-23 .281
St. Louis 8-23-1 .266

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