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When was the last time your team won an NFL playoff game?

The New York Giants in a December 2008 game ag...

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The Cincinnati Bengals had a chance after the 2012 NFL regular season to end a 21-year drought with a win in the playoffs when they faced off against the Houston Texans in an AFC Wild Card game. The Bengals went into that game having not won a playoff game since 1990.

The Texans defeated the Bengals in that Wild Card contest, thus extending Cincinnati’s streak of consecutive seasons without winning a playoff game to 22 years, the longest  current wait for a post-season win in the NFL.

There are now nine teams that have not won a playoff game in 10 years or more. The Tennessee Titans joined that list this past season when they failed to make the 2012 playoffs. Their last playoff win was after the 2003 season.

Here’s a look at the last time each of the 32 NFL teams won a playoff game.

Last season they won a playoff game, team
1990: Cincinnati
1991: Detroit
1993: Kansas City
1994: Cleveland
1995: Buffalo
2000: Miami
2002: Oakland, Tampa Bay
2003: Tennessee
2004: St. Louis
2005: Carolina, Washington
2007: Jacksonville
2008: Philadelphia, San Diego
2009: Arizona, Dallas, Minnesota, Indianapolis
2010: Chicago, N.Y. Jets, Pittsburgh
2011: Denver, New Orleans, N.Y. Giants
2012: Atlanta, Baltimore, Green Bay, Houston, New England, San Francisco, Seattle