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Receiving duos reach exclusive NFL milestone

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Eric Decker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A pair of receiving duos, the Bears’ Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall, and Denver’s Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas, both reached a milestone in Week #16 games. These duos became the 18th and 19th set of teammates to each¬†gain over 1,200 yards in receiving in the same year.

Marshall gained 36 yards receiving in Sunday night’s game against Philadelphia to give him 1,221 receiving yards for the season, joining Jeffery, who went over the 1,300-receiving yard mark with 76 yards receiving in that same game. Both Decker and Thomas had over 100 yards receiving in the Broncos’ win over Houston. Thomas now has 1,317 yards receiving for the season, Decker is at 1,261.

For both duos, there is an outside chance that with big games this Sunday, they could join a more elite receiving duo list. Only three teams have ever had two receivers gain over 1,400 yards in the same season: Detroit, 1995 (Moore and Perriman); St. Louis, 2000 (Bruce and Holt); and Arizona, 2005 (Boldin and Fitzgerald).

Here’s a look at the 19 receiving¬†teammates that each gained 1,200 or more yards receiving in a season.

San Diego, 1980: Winslow (1,290) and Jefferson (1,340)
Miami, 1984: Clayton (1,389) and Duper (1,306)
Detroit, 1995: Moore (1,686) and Perriman (1,488)
Minnesota, 1999: Carter (1,241) and Moss (1,413)
Denver, 2000: McCaffery (1,317) and Smith (1,602)
Jacksonville, 2000: Smith (1,213) and McCardell (1,207)
Kansas City, 2000: Alexander (1,391) and Gonzalez (1,203)
Minnesota, 2000: Carter (1,274) and Moss (1,437)
St. Louis, 2000: Holt (1,635) and Bruce (1,471)
Buffalo, 2002: Moulds (1,292) and Price (1,252)
Pittsburgh, 2002: Ward (1,329) and Burress (1,325)
Green Bay, 2004: Walker (1,382) and Driver (1,208)
St. Louis, 2004: Holt (1,372) and Bruce (1,292)
Arizona, 2005: Boldin (1,402) and Fitzgerald (1,409)
Indianapolis, 2006: Wayne (1,310) and Harrison (1,366)
New England, 2009: Moss (1,264) and Welker (1,348)
New England, 2011: Gronkowski (1,327) and Welker (1,569)
Chicago, 2013: Jeffery and Marshall (final yardage TBD)
Denver, 2013: Decker and Thomas (final yardage TBD)

Note: Of the 17 duos before this year’s pair, only two (1984 Miami duo of Clayton and Duper; 2011 New England duo of Gronkowski and Welker) saw their team make it to the Super Bowl that year. In both cases, their teams lost in that game. Thirteen of the 17 made the playoffs.

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