Scoreboard watching for the AFC and NFC championship games


How many points will the Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots or Broncos need to score to win their championship game and a spot in this year’s Super Bowl? 20? 30? Can a team win the title with less than 20 points in the championship game?

Based on previous AFC and NFC championship games in the Super Bowl era, scoring 30 or more points in that contest is a pretty good indicator that victory will punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. Since 1966, teams that score 30 or more points in a championship game are 34-2 (.944 winning percentage). The two losses were:

1987: Cleveland lost to Denver 38-33 in the AFC Championship Game
2006: New England lost to Indianapolis 38-34 in the AFC Championship Game

Teams that scored 20 or more points in the AFC and NFC championship games in the Super Bowl era are 79-24 (.767) while teams that scored under 20 points were only 15-70 (a .176 winning percentage). Only once has a team won a championship game since 1966 with less than 10 points… the L.A. Rams defeated the Tampa bay Bucs 9-0 in their 1979 NFC Championship Game battle.

Here’s a few more scoreboard stats to keep an eye on while you watch the games on Sunday (these stats reflect the 94 AFC and NFC championship games played in the Super Bowl era):

* The team with the lead after the first quarter won 57.4% of those games; the team ahead at halftime won 74.5% of the games; the team ahead after the third quarter won 90.4% of those championship games.

* There have been five overtime championship games since 1966. The home team has won only once.

* Teams that scored in every quarter of their championship game were 40-8.

* Teams that were scoreless at halftime were only 4-24 in those games. Teams that were scoreless after three quarters in championship games since 1966 are 0-16.

* Thirteen championship games were tied at halftime. Of those 13, the home team won only five games.

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