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Manning-Wilson age difference will set new Super Bowl record


On February 1, 2009 in Super Bowl #43, the Pittsburgh Steelers faced Arizona in the Cardinals first Super Bowl appearance. The opposing QBs that day were 37-year-old Kurt Warner for the Cards and 26-year-old Ben Roethlisberger for the Steelers. At that time, it was the first time that the age difference of the starting QBs in the Super Bowl was more than 10 years.

This year’s Super Bowl will be the second time… and it will also break the record for the largest age difference in starting quarterbacks in the game’s history.

Denver’s Peyton Manning will be 37 (and 315 days) old when the Broncos take the field in Super Bowl #48. His counterpart, Russell Wilson, will take the field for the Seahawks at the age of 25 years and 65 days. That’s an age difference of 12 years and 250 days.

Following are the seven Super Bowls where the age difference between the starting QBs was eight years or more.

Age difference, Super Bowl date, Super Bowl starting QBs

12 years, 250 days: 2/2/2014… Denver-Peyton Manning (37 years, 315 days); Seattle-Russell Wilson (25 years, 65 days)

10 years, 253 days: 2/1/2009… Arizona-Kurt Warner (37 years, 224 days); Pittsburgh-Ben Roethlisberger (26 years, 336 days)

9 years, 274 days: 1/17/1971… Baltimore-Johnny Unitas (37 years, 255 days); Dallas-Craig Morton (27 years, 346 days)

9 years, 104 days: 1/25/1998… Denver-John Elway (37 years, 211 days); Green Bay-Brett Favre (28 years, 107 days)

9 years, 46 days: 1/30/1983… Washington-Joe Theisman (33 years, 143 days); Miami-David Woodley (24 years, 96 days)

9 years, 14 days: 1/12/1969… Baltimore-Earl Morrall (34 years, 240 days); New York Jets-Joe Namath (25 years, 226 days)

8 years, 211 days: 1/12/1975… Minnesota-Fran Tarkenton (34 years, 343 days); Pittsburgh-Terry Bradshaw (26 years, 132 days)

In addition:

* In the six Super Bowls prior to the upcoming game where the age difference in the starting QBs was eight years or more, the younger QB’s team won four of those games.

* In the 26 Super Bowls where a 20-something QB faced off against a 30-something QB, the 20-something QBs have won 14 of those 26 games.

* In the 47 Super Bowls to date, the older QB has defeated the younger QB in 24 of the 47 contests.

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