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Do Eagles, Redskins have the recipe for beating Super Bowl champs?


Philadelphia Eagles fans and Washington Redskins fans have waited a long time to see their teams┬áreturn to┬áthe Super Bowl. For the Eagles, their last visit to the Super Bowl was in 2004 when they lost to the New England Patriots. The Redskins have had an even longer wait… their last Super Bowl was in 1991 when they won the title.

But one thing these two teams seem to have in common is that they have figured out a way to beat the teams that eventually win the Super Bowl.

Since 1990, the Eagles have beat the eventual Super Bowl champ in 10 of those seasons. The Redskins have beat the eventual champs in nine of those 23 seasons. In fact, the Redskins beat the Super Bowl champ in each of the last three seasons: they beat the Ravens in OT last season; defeated the Giants twice in 2011; and won an OT game against the Packers in 2010 when they won the title.

Here’s a look at how many seasons since 1990 (23 seasons) that a team won a regular season game against the team that eventually won the Super Bowl that year.

Seasons where they beat Super Bowl champs, teams

10: Philadelphia
9: Washington
6: Miami
5: Dallas, Pittsburgh
4: San Francisco, Tennessee
3: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota, New England
2: Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, New York Giants, St. Louis
1: Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, New York Jets, Oakland, Seattle, Tampa Bay
0: Arizona, Cleveland, San Diego

Three teams since 1990 have defeated the eventual Super Bowl champ twice in the regular season: The Redskins over the New York Giants in 2011; Dallas over the New York Giants (2007) and New Orleans over Tampa Bay (2002).

The Broncos and Seahawks each lost three games this season: Denver lost to Indianapolis, New England and San Diego. Seattle was defeated by Indianapolis, San Francisco and Arizona. Both Arizona and San Diego have not defeated an eventual Super Bowl champ in the regular season since 1990, but that will change this year since the Chargers beat Denver and the Cardinals beat Seattle.

Note: The Eagles and Redskins each faced the Denver Broncos this year, both losing to the AFC West champs. Denver beat Philly 52-20, while the Redskins fell to the Broncos 45-21.

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