Super Bowl stats blueprint for victory


What will it take for the Broncos or Seahawks to win this year’s Super Bowl? Experts will tell us that a stingy defense and a solid ground attack are two good starts. Not committing a turnover is also good. Maybe a defensive or special teams TD will help the cause.

Let’s take a look back at the previous 47 Super Bowls and see which stats have been a good indicator for victory. Here are 24 stats and how often a Super Bowl team won (and lost) when they reached these noted statistics.

When a Super Bowl team…

Returned an interception for TD 11-0 (1.000)
Had a two or more takeaway margin over the opponent 27-2 (.931)
Had o turnovers 17-2 (.895)
Had three or more takeaways 31-4 (.886)
Did not throw an interception 29-4 (.879)
Had two or more rushing touchdowns 16-3 (.842)
Had 30 or more rushing attempts 35-7 (.833)
Made three of more field goals 10-2 (.833)
Rushed for 150-plus yards 17-4 (.810)
Held the opponent scoreless in the fourth quarter 19-5 (.792)
Had 400 or more total yards 14-4 (.778)
Held the opponents to under 50% pass completions 17-5 (.773)
Completed 70% or more of their passes 10-3 (.769)
Held opponents to 0 rushing touchdowns 24-9 (.727)
Had two or more takeaways 36-14 (.720)
Held the opponents scoreless in the third quarter 23-10 (.697)
Had three or more passing touchdowns 11-5 (.688)
Held the opponents under 10 points in the first half 27-13 (.675)
Held the opponents to 0 points in the first quarter 24-12 (.667)
Passed for 300 or more yards 9-5 (.643)
Did not allow a sack 7-4 (.636)
Recovered a fumble for touchdown 3-3 (.500)
Attempted 30 or more passes 20-33 (.377)
Returned a kick-off for TD 3-6 (.333)

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