Having the worst record in the NBA


With a record of 12-48, the Milwaukee Bucks have the worst record in the NBA this season. If we go back to the 1976-77 season when the NBA and ABA merged, 20 of the 30 current NBA franchises have in one or more seasons had the worst record in the NBA. For the Bucks, if they end the season with the worst record, it will be the first time as the league’s worst since the merger.

Before you go any further reading this blog, how about a quick trivia question: Can you name the 10 current NBA franchises (including the Bucks) that have not had the NBA’s worst record in a season since the NBA-ABA merger? Give it a minute before you continue reading… I’ll wait.

Right behind the Bucks this season are the Philadelphia 76ers who have a 15-46 record. Like the Bucks, the 76ers have never finished the season with the worst record since the merger.

Ready for the answer? Here are the 10 franchises that have not had the worst record in the NBA in a season since 1976-77: Boston, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, Toronto and Washington.

The Orlando Magic had the league’s worst record last season. It was the second time since 2004. Three franchises, Brooklyn, Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis, have each had the worst record in four seasons since 1976-77, most in the league.

Following is a look at the franchises that have had the most “worst record seasons” in the NBA and the last year they “accomplished” this feat.

Most seasons with NBA worst record, team (last season)

4: Brooklyn (2009-10); L.A. Clippers (1999-2000); Memphis (2006-07)

3: Dallas (1993-94); Denver (2002-03*)

2: Chicago (2001-01*); Cleveland (2002-03*); Golden State (2001-02*); Indiana (1984-85*); Miami (2007-08); Minnesota (2010-11); Orlando (2012-13)

1: Atlanta (2004-05); Charlotte (2011-12); Detroit (1979-80); Houston (1982-83); N.Y. Knicks (1985-86); Portland (2005-06); Sacramento (2008-09); Utah (1978-79)

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