MLB potpourri: HRs but no bunts; winningest pitchers this century

(Harmon Killebrew)

Here’s a couple of stats to whet your appetite for the start of this year’s baseball season.

Home Runs  but no bunts. Harmon Killebrew ranks 11th on the all-time MLB home run list with 573 homers. One of the more interesting stats about Killebrew’s career is that during his 22-year career he never executed a successful sacrifice bunt. Killebrew ranks first in this intriguing stat. There are 18 players who have hit 250 or more career home runs yet do not have a successful sacrifice bunt in their stat line. There are four players who were active in 2013 on this list: Mark Teixeira (341 HRs), Ryan Howard (311 HRs), Prince Fielder (285 HRs) and Eric Chavez (257 HRs).

Following are the players with the most HRs in MLB history without a successful sacrifice bunt.
Harmon Killebrew, 573; Franck Thomas, 521
Carlos Delgado, 473; Vladimir Guerrero, 449; Mike Piazza, 427
Mark Teixeria, 341; Mo Vaughn, 328; Troy Glaus, 320; Cecil Fielder, 319; Ryan Howard, 311, Richie Sexson, 306
Tim Salmon, 299; Pat Burrell, 292; Prince Fielder, 285; Eric Karros, 284; George Bell, 265; Eric Chavez, 257; Tony Clark, 251.

Winningest pitchers since 2000. Since the turn of the century, only one pitcher has won 200 or more games in the majors, C.C. Sabathia with 205. A pair of active pitchers have a good chance of joining Sabathia this season: Tim Hudson has 194 wins since 2000. while Mark Buehrle has 186 victories this century.

Following are the pitchers with the most pitching wins since 2000.
C.C. Sabathia, 205
Roy Halladay, 194
Tim Hudson, 194
Mark Buehrle, 186
Andy Pettitte, 175
Derek Lowe, 165
Barry Zito, 165
Roy Oswalt, 163
Bartolo Colon, 153
Livan Hernandez, 151
Jamie Moyer, 151
Javier Vazquez, 151
A.J. Burnett, 143
Randy Johnson, 143

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