Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn stakes claim to MLB’s ‘Mr. April’ title

Lance Lynn

If you’re a major league player whose name is mentioned in the same sentence as Babe Ruth, you’ve done something pretty special. Just ask St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn.

Lynn is in his fourth season in the majors. He has compiled a 38-19 record. He had a “no decision” in his team’s loss last night to the Brewers. This season he is off to a 4-1 start with a 3.60 ERA. It’s a good start, but where does the Babe Ruth reference come in, you ask?

Of Lynn’s 38 career wins, 12 of them have come in April. In fact, he is 12-1 in April in his career, a .923 winning percentage. Of all the pitchers in MLB history who have started 10 or more games in April (and March), Lynn’s 12-1 record and .923 winning percentage is third all-time. Based on research using, Lynn falls behind Ray Fisher (7-0) and Babe Ruth (13-1).

(Note: has monthly split records for pitchers dating back to 1914. Fisher did pitch from 1910-1913, but monthly records are not available.)

Lynn is not the only active pitcher who has an outstanding record in April. A pair of Colorado pitchers Juan Nicasio and Tyler Chatwood both have career April records above .800; Nicasio is 7-1, .875, Chatwood 5-1, .833 in April games. Yu Darvish of the Rangers is 10-2, .833 in his career in April.

Following are the pitchers who have winning percentages above .800 in April games (minimum of 10 games started in April to qualify for the list).

Ray Fisher: 9-0, 1.000

Babe Ruth: 13-1, .929
Lance Lynn: 12-1, .923
Lefty Williams: 10-1, .909
Brandon Webb: 18-2, .900

Harry Gumbert: 17-2, .895
Juan Nicasio: 7-1, .875
Nino Espinosa: 7-1, .875
Hugh McQuillan: 11-2, .846
Dontrell Willis: 15-3, .833
Luke Hamlin: 10-2, .833
Dick Woodson: 5-1, .833
Yu Darvish: 10-2, .833
Tyler Chatwood: 5-1, .833
Pedro Martinez: 35-8, .814
Max Lanier: 13-3, .813
Pat Zachary: 13-3, .813
Damian Moss: 4-1, .800
Tommy Greene: 4-1, .800
Armando Galarraga: 8-2, .800

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