Longest no-hitter droughts in the majors


L.A.’s Josh Beckett on Sunday tossed the first no-hitter of the 2014 MLB season. It was the Dodgers’ first no-hitter since Hideo Nomo had a no-hitter on September 17, 1996, a span of almost 18 seasons.

Beckett’s Dodgers became the 19th MLB team to have a no-hitter since 2000; it was the 35th no-hitter this century.

Of the 11 teams that have not had a no-hitter since 2000, the San Diego Padres are the only team that has never had one of their pitchers toss a no-hitter in franchise history. Of the other 10 teams, the Cleveland Indians currently have the longest gap since their last no-hitter; the Indians last no-hitter was May 15, 1981 when Len Barker threw a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays. That’s a span of over 33 years!

Following are the franchises/teams that have not had a no-hitter this century and when their last no-hitter took place.

San Diego Padres: Have never had a no-hitter in franchise history.

Cleveland Indians: May 15, 1981

Milwaukee Brewers: April 15, 1987

Toronto Blue Jays: September 2, 1990

Baltimore Orioles: July 13, 1991

Washington Nationals: July 28, 1991

Kansas City Royals: August 26, 1991

Atlanta Braves: April 8, 1994

Texas Rangers: July 28, 1994

Pittsburgh Pirates: July 12, 1997

New York Yankees: July 18, 1999

Of the 35 no-hitters since 2000, the Boston Red Sox have the most with four. The White Sox. Miami, Philadelphia and San Francisco each have had three no-hitters this century.

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