MLB’s 19-game winners


(Greg Maddux)

One of the goals for most starting pitchers in the majors is to have the kind of season that nets them 20 wins (or more). That 20-win mark seems to be an important milestone each season that notes this pitcher had a “great year.”

Last season saw two pitchers fell one win short of this 20-win mark: St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright won 19 games in a season for the second time in his career. He has, however, won 20 games in a season, winning 20 in 2010. Washington’s Jordan Zimmerman also won 19 in 2013; he has yet to win 20 in a season.

There have been 192 pitchers who have won 20 or more games in a season. Wainwright last season became the 29th pitcher in history to win 19 in a season two or more times.

Greg Maddux, who will be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame this summer, leads MLB pitchers with the most 19-win seasons, five. Here are the four pitchers who have won 19 in a season on three or more occasions.

Most 19-win seasons
5: Greg Maddux

4: Jim Bunning

3: C.C. Sabathia, Randy Johnson

Of the four pitchers listed above, all won at least 20 games in one season. Johnson had three 20-win seasons, Maddux had two, and Bunning and Sabathia each was a 20-game winner in one season.

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