Solo home runs account for all the runs… it’s pretty rare!


The Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday defeated the Reds, 4-3. No big deal, right? Well, what happened in that game has happened only 131 times since 1914… about an average of once a year.

The Brewers scored all of their four runs in that July 22 game on four solo home runs. It was the second time in 2014 that a team scored four or more runs all on solo homers… it happened on June 1 when the Reds scored four runs on four solo home runs against the Diamondbacks.

In the past 100 years in the majors, the most solo home runs in a game that accounted for all the runs scored by a team were six. That happened twice: On May 21, 2010, Toronto had six solo home runs in an 8-6 loss to Arizona; it also happened on August 3, 1991 when the Oakland A’s had six solo home runs in an 8-6 loss to Minnesota.

There have been 19 times since 1914 when a team had five solo home runs account for all of their runs in a contest. The last time it happened was earlier this season when the Pirates had five solo homers in a 7-5 loss to the Cubs. In two of those 19 games, the five solo home runs hit by the team were the only five hits in the game… the last time was in 2012 when the Rockies had five solo home runs, their only hits in the game.

Of the 110 times where a team had four solo HRs account for all of their runs, the Detroit Tigers have had it happen nine times, most since 1914. Toronto and Cincinnati have had it happen seven times. For the Brewers, their four solo HRs accounting for all four of their runs in the July 22nd game was the sixth time it has occurred in their history.

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