Peyton on verge of becoming NFL’s greatest ‘thirty-something’ QB


Here’s a quick trivia question for you…

Peyton Manning has thrown 491 regular-season TD passes in his NFL career. Have more of his TD passes come when Peyton was in his 20’s or when he was in his 30’s? (The answer will appear in the copy below)

Brett Favre is not going to be happy…

Barring injury, sometime early in the 2014 season Peyton Manning will likely throw his eighth TD pass of the season. That will give him a total of 255 TD passes in his 30’s, passing Favre who holds the NFL mark with 254 TD passes in his 30’s. In addition, 38-year-old Manning, who had 55 TD passes last year, will set his sights on the most TD passes by an NFL QB at age 38. Favre had 31 TD passes at age 38, most in NFL history. If Peyton has a year anywhere near what he had last season, he will shatter Favre’s TD-pass record for a QB age 38.

In his 20’s, Manning had 244 regular-season TD passes (trivia answer: He has more in his 30’s, 247). That was not, however, the most by an NFL QB in his 20’s. Miami’s Dan Marino holds the NFL record for most TD passes by a QB in his 20’s, 245, one more than what Manning had in his 20’s.

Looking at QBs who have played into their 40’s, Warren Moon has the most TD passes by a QB in his 40’s with 37. Second on the list? Favre with 36. (Maybe that will prompt Favre to “unretired” and look to toss two most TD passes to move past Moon on the list.)

As mentioned above, Peyton had 55 TD passes last season at age 37. That passed Kurt Warner who held the mark with 30 TD passes by a QB at age 37.

Here’s a look at the QBs who had the most TD passes at age 21 through age 47 (from 1960-2013).

Age, Quarterback with most TD Passes

21: Fran Tarkenton, 18
22: Dan Marino, 27
23: Dan Marino, Matthew Stafford, 41
24: Dan Marino, 34
25: Dan Marino, 43
26: Brett Favre, 48
27: Aaron Rodgers, 41
28: Peyton Manning, 49
29: Drew Brees, 34
30: Tom Brady, 50
31: Drew Brees, Jim Kelly, 33
32: Drew Brees, 46
33: Drew Brees, 43
34: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, 39
35: Brett Favre, 35
36: Y.A. Tittle, 38
37: Peyton Manning, 55
38: Brett Favre, 31
39: Warren Moon, 23
40: Brett Favre, 27
41: Warren Moon, 17
42: George Blanda, Warren Moon, 2
43: George Blanda, 6
44: George Blanda, Vinny Testaverde, 4
45: George Blanda, 1
46: (None)
47: George Blanda, 1

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