SIX STATS you might not know about… 2014 NFL Players Physical Attributes and Race


With thanks to Andrew Powell-Morse, Data Analysis and Editorial Content with Best Tickets, following are some selected stats/numbers you’ll find in the 2nd Annual NFL Players Census.

1. Offensive tackles occupy the top spot for average height of NFL positions. OT’s average just under 6’6″. Second are tight ends at 6’4.5″. Shortest players are running backs who average just under 5’11”.

2. Heaviest players are nose tackles who top the scales at an average of 322 pounds. Second are offensive tackles at 315 and offensive guards at 314. Lightest players are corner backs at 194.

3. The Indianapolis Colts boast the NFL’s heaviest team with an average weight of 256, three pounds heavier than their closest competitor, the Arizona Cardinals. Lightest team? The Cleveland Browns at 242.

4. The NFL’s tallest team is the Cardinals at 6’2.5″. Tampa Bay is the shortest team at 6’1″.

5. Just over two-thirds (68%) of NFL players are African-American. White players account for 27.7% of the NFL rosters.

6. There are six positions where there are more whites than African-Americans at that spot: Center, placekicker, long-snapper, punter, QB and tight end. Note: Of the 175 corner backs in the league, 170 are African-American. At running back, 107 of the 120 RBs are African-American.

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