Packers Numbers Notebook: Stats from their win over the Bears


Here’s a few stats that helped define the Packers 55-14 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

1. Packers fans are pretty excited about the team scoring 55 points against the Bears, but there is some bad news… the last three times the Packers scored 50 or more points in a game they lost the next game all three times. This was the sixth time Green Bay scored 50+ points in a game since 1966. They are 2-3 in their next game.

2. The Packers first score last night came on a fourth and goal from the one pass from Aaron Rodgers to Brandon Bostick, It was the first time this season that the Packers scored a TD on a fourth down play. Of their 33 TDs this season, 10 have come on first down, 12 have come on second down and 10 have come on third down.

3. Jordy Nelson had two TD receptions for the ninth time in his career. The Packers are 9-0 in such games. The Pack is 27-6 in the regular season when Jordy has at least one TD reception in a game.

4. Rodgers’ six TD passes was the 14th time in his career that he had four or more TD passes in a game. The Packers are 13-1 in those games. It was also the 21st time that Rodgers had a QB Rating above 130. The Packers are 20-1 in those games, and they are 38-3 in regular season games when Rodgers has a QB Rating above 110.

5. Late in the second quarter, corner back Sam Shields dropped what appeared to be a sure interception near the goal-line. It also appeared that had Shields intercepted the pass that he may have been able to return it for a TD. Shields is one of five active players in the NFL that has 15 or more career interceptions but has never returned one for a TD.

6. Randall Cobb had his 10th pass reception for TD last night in the ninth game of the season. He became the fourth receiver in Green Bay history to have 10 or more TD receptions in a season. Jordy Nelson holds the team record with 15 in 2011. James Jones had 14 in 2012, and Greg Jennings had 12 TD receptions twice, once in 2007 and again in 2010.

7.  The Packers had a 42-0 lead at halftime in the game. It was the 18th time that they scored over 30 points in the first half and the fourth time that they scored over 40 points in the first two quarters.

8. The Packers “D” pitched a shutout in the first half, the 102nd time since 1966 that they held their opponents scoreless in the first half. Of those 102 games, 62 of them happened at home, 40 on the road. The Packers have now won 10 straight when they hold their opponents scoreless in the first half, and they are 26-4 in such games since 2000.

9. The defense also had two interceptions in the contest, the fifth time this season. Since 2010, the Packers are 31-3 when they get two or more interceptions in a game.

10. The first score of the game was the short pass to tight end Brandon Bostick. Of the nine games this season, a Rodgers TD pass has been the first score of the game six times. Twice the Packers first score of the game was a running TD, and once this season a Mason Crosby field goal was Green Bay’s first score of the game.

11. The Packers have now scored 166 points in the four home games at Lambeau Field this season, a 41.5 average per game. The team record for most points at home in a season is 321 in 2011 (an average of 40.1 points per game). Second most points at home in a season is 254 (31.8 points per game).

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