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Winning an NFL game with 14 or fewer points


In today’s high-scoring, pass-on-every-down version of the NFL, it’s rare to have a game where teams score less than 15 points. Sure, there might be a game where one team scores less than 15, but to have both teams fail to reach 15 points in a game is rare.

This past weekend two such games were played. Arizona defeated the Lions 14-6 in one contest, while the San Diego Chargers only needed 13 points to beat the Raiders, 13-6. It was the first week since Week #2 last year where two games were won by teams that scored less than 15 points. This season there has been four games where both teams scored under 15 points.

For the Cardinals, they won a low-scoring contest last year when they beat Tampa Bay 13-10. San Diego, however, hadn’t won a game with fewer than 15 points in a game since 2007 when they won 14-3 over the Bears.

Let’s go back to the 2010 NFL season. Since then teams that scored under 15 points in a game have a record of 51-526, a .088 winning percentage. Only two teams, Baltimore and Seattle, have winning percentages over .300 in games where they scored under 15 points in a game since 2010.

Here’s a look at the records of each NFL team since 2010 in games when they scored fewer than 15 points (through games of November 17, 2014).

Baltimore 5-8 .385; Seattle 5-11 .313

Pittsburgh 4-13 .235

Green Bay 2-9 .182; New England 1-5 .167; Kansas City 4-24 .143; New Orleans 1-6 .143; Cleveland 4-27 .129; Cincinnati 2-14 .125; San Francisco 2-15 .118; Dallas 1-8 .111; Miami 2-17.105

Arizona 2-19 .095; Buffalo 2-22 .083; San Diego 1-11 .083; Denver 1-12 .077; Detroit 1-12 .077; Houston 1-14 .067; Jacksonville 2-31 .061; St. Louis 2-31 .061; Washington 1-17 .056; Chicago 1-18 .053; Tennessee 1-19 .050; N.Y. Jets 1-21 .045; Minnesota 1-22 .043; Carolina 1-24 .040

Oakland 0-22 .000; Tampa Bay 0-19 .000; N.Y Giants 0-16 .000; Atlanta 0-14 .000; Indianapolis 0-13 .000; Philadelphia 0-12 .000

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Packers Numbers Notebook: Stats from the Packers win over Philadelphia


Following are some stats you may not know from the Packers 53-20 win over the Eagles.

1. Jordy Nelson had his fifth play for 50 yards or more in the contest. It was his fifth such play of the season. He is tied with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin for most plays of 50 yards or more this season. Since 2010, Nelson has had 10 such plays, tied for second in the NFL.

2. The Packers scored 10 or more points in the first quarter for the fifth time this year. They are 4-1 in such games. Since 2010, Green Bay is 18-3 when they score 10 or more points in the first quarter.

3. The Pack had a 30-6 lead at halftime in the game. They are now 20-0 since 1966 in games where they have a lead of 24 or more points at halftime.

4. Green Bay held the Eagles scoreless in the first quarter, the fourth time they have done so this season. The Packers have now won 14 of their last 15 when they hold their opponents scoreless in the first quarter.

5. Dom Capers defense had three sacks in the game. They are 20-5-1 in games since 2011 when they have three or more sacks in a contest.

6. Green Bay scored 30 points in the first half. They are now 17-0 in games when they score 30-plus points in the first half (since 1966).

7. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb each had over 100 yards receiving in the game. It was the fourth time this pair has reached this milestone in a game together. For Cobb, he had 10 receptions, the 34th time a Packers receiver has had 10 or more catches in a game. The Packers have won their last eight games where they have a receiver with 10 or more catches in a game.

8. The Packers 53 points keep them on a pace to break the all-time record for most points scored at Lambeau Field in a season. The record is 321 points (40.1 pts./game). In the first five games at Lambeau this season the Packers have now scored 219 points (43.8 pts./game). They will need to score 103 points in the final three games (average 34.3) at home to break the record.

9. The Packers scored 50-plus points in consecutive games for the first time in franchise history. The Packers last scored 40-plus points in consecutive games in 2011 when they scored 45 in both Week #9 and Week #10. They have never scored over 40 points in three consecutive games.

10. Eddie Lacy had a rushing and receiving TD in yesterday’s game. He became the first player to have one of each since John Kuhn did it in 2010. He became the 22nd Packer to accomplish this feat. Ahman Green holds the record with nine games with at least one rushing and one pass receiving TD in the same game.

11. The 33-point victory was the fourth win by 30 or more points in a season, tying a team mark. The last time they won four games by a margin of 30 points or more in a season was 1996. If I’m not mistaken, something special happened at the end of that season… a Super Bowl win!

12. Aaron Rodgers has three TD passes against the Eagles, the 24th team he has had three or more TD passes in a game against. It was also his 42nd game in 104 career games where he had three-plus TD passes. For you trivia buffs, can you name the seven teams that Rodgers has not had a game where he threw for three or more TDs? (Answer at the end of the column.)

13. Rodgers has three TDs and over 300 yards passing in the contest. It was the 26th game of his career with three or more TD passes and 300 or more yards passing. He is seventh on the all-time list in this stat; Peyton Manning has had 51 games in his career with three-plus TD passes and 300-plus yards in the same contest.

14. The Packers had a fumble return for TD, an interception return for TD and a punt return for TD. It was the first time since 1983 when they scored by those three ways in the same game. It was in a game versus Tampa Bay.

Trivia answer: The seven teams that Aaron Rodgers has not had a game with three or more TD passes are Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Kansas City, New England, Oaklad and Seattle.

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NFL Week #11 features two potential shootouts

Will Tom Brady and Andrew Luck put up big numbers in a shootout this weekend?

Will Tom Brady and Andrew Luck put up big numbers in a shootout this weekend?

Four of the five top scoring teams in the NFL face off in Week #11 with a pair of shootouts a distinct possibility.

The NFL’s top-scoring team, the Indianapolis Colts (32.2 pts./game) will take on the third most prolific scoring team this year in the NFL, New England (31.2 pts./game). In the NFC, the top two scoring teams in that conference, Philadelphia (31.0 pts./game) and Green Bay (30.8 pts./game) will square off in Green Bay.

Will these games feature four big scoring offenses, or will the “D” have a rare impact? First, teams that have scored 30 or more points in a game this season are 72-5-2 (.924 winning percentage). Good news for high-scoring teams!

Secondly, we have seen six games this season when both teams have scored 30 or more points in the game. One ended in a tie (Carolina-Cincinnati, 37-37) while the home team won four of the other five games. Good news for Green Bay and Indianapolis who host these two marquee matchups.

Since 2000, there have been 197 regular season games played where both teams scored 30-plus points. Kansas City leads the league with 22 appearances in those games, followed by Dallas with 21 games. Jacksonville and Miami bring up the rear with only six games each played where both teams scored 30 or more points in a contest.

Here’s a look at how many shootout games (both teams scored 30 or more points in a game) each NFL team has played since 2000 and their record in those games. (Notice the two teams that sport the best records in these kinds of games.)

Indianapolis (10-5 .667); New England (10-5 .667); Chicago (8-4 .667); Atlanta (10-5-1 .656); Arizona (5-3 .625); N.Y. Jets (5-3 .625).

Pittsburgh (6-4-1 .591); Green Bay (10-7 .588); Denver (6-8 .571); Houston (4-3 .571); Baltimore (4-3 .571); San Francisco (4-3 .571); Carolina 4-3-1 .563); Tampa Bay (5-4 .556); St. Louis (7-6 .538); Cleveland (6-6 .500); Philadelphia (6-6 .500); Oakland (6-6 .500).

Dallas (10-11 .476); Minnesota (7-8 .467); Cincinnati (6-7-1 .464); Washington (5-6 .455); New Orleans (8-11 .421); San Diego (5-7 .417); Kansas City (9-13 .409); Buffalo (6-9 .400); Detroit (6-9 .400); N.Y Giants (6-9 .400); Tennessee (4-6 .400).

Seattle (3-7 .300)

Jacksonville (1-5 .167); Miami (1-5 .167)

Note: The Atlanta Falcons have the longest active winning streak in games where both teams score 30-plus points; they have won four straight in such games. Buffalo and Seattle have the longest active losing streaks in such games; both teams have lost three straight when both teams 30-plus points.

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What happens the year following an NBA team winning less than 20 games in a season?


How many games will the Bucks win this year with rookie Jabari Parker?

How many games will the Bucks win this year with rookie Jabari Parker?

Two NBA teams last year won less than 20 games: the Milwaukee Bucks (with a league-low 15 wins) and the Philadelphia 76ers (19 wins).

So, the questions becomes: What can we expect from the Bucks and 76ers this year? Better stated, how many wins will these teams have for the 2014-15 season?

Based on past history, we can expect these teams to increase their win totals by about nine wins. Since the 1976-77 NBA-ABA merger, there have been only three teams that went from less than 20 wins in a season to fewer wins the following year. In 1995-96, Vancouver won 15 games; the following year the win-total was 14. In 1999-2000, the Chicago Bulls had only 17 wins. Next year that total decreased to 15. In that same season, the Golden State Warriors had 19 wins and won two less, 17, the following year.

Forty-eight teams since the merger have won less than 20 games in a season. Of those 48, two were last year, while seven of those teams played in shortened seasons the following campaign. Of the remaining 39 teams, nine of those teams went from under 20 wins one season to 30 or ore the following year. They were:

1989-90: Orlando (18 wins to 31 wins)
1993-94: Dallas (13 wins to 36 wins)
1996-97: Boston (15 wins to 36 wins)
1999-2000: L.A. Clippers (15 wins to 31 wins)
2000-01: Washington (19 wins to 37 wins)
2002-03: Cleveland (17 wins to 35 wins)
2002-03: Denver (17 wins to 43 wins)
2004-05: New Orleans (18 wins to 38 wins)
2007-08: Miami (15 wins to 43 wins)

The 39 teams that played a full schedule the following year increased their wins by a total of 366 wins, an increase of 9.4 wins. With only two teams going from under 20 wins to over 40 the following year (2002-03 Denver and the 2007-08 Miami Heat) there’s only a slim chance that either the Bucks or 76ers will make the playoffs this year.

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Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch outscores 16 NFL teams in Week #10!

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch had four touchdowns in the Seahawks 38-17 win over the New York Giants last Sunday. Not only did Lynch outscore the entire Giants team with his 24 points, but he also outscored 16 of the 26 NFL teams that played in Week #10 (he also had the same number of points as two teams).

Lynch became the second player this season to score 20 or more points in a game. In Week #9, Minnesota running back Matt Asiata had three rushing TDs and a two-point conversion to give him 20 individual points in the Vikings 29-26 win over the Washington Redskins.

Here’s a look at the last 10 NFL players to score 20 or more points in a game.

2014: Marshawn Lynch, Seattle, 24; Matt Asiata, Minnesota, 20; LeGarrett Blount, New England, 24 (2013 season playoff game)
2013: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City, 30; Eric Decker, Denver, 24; Marvin Jones, Cincinnati, 24
2012: Doug Martin, Tampa Bay, 24
2011: Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville, 24
2010: Jay Feely, Arizona, 25; Darren McFadden, Oakland, 24

For Lynch and the Seahawks, he was the first Seattle player to score 20 or more points in a game since Shaun Alexander scored 24 in a 2005 contest. Thirty-one of the 32 NFL franchises have had at least one player score 20-plus points in at least one game in franchise history. The lone team that has not? The Houston Texans.

Here’s a look at the last year a player scored 20-plus points in a game for each NFL team.

Never: Houston
1973: Chicago, Washington
1986: N.Y. Jets
1988: Pittsburgh
1991: Detroit
1995: N.Y. Giants
1996: San Francisco
2000: Green Bay
2003: Baltimore
2004: Buffalo
2006: Indianapolis, New Orleans, St. Louis
2007: Cleveland, Dallas, San Diego, Tennessee
2008: Atlanta, Carolina, Miami, Philadelphia
2010: Arizona, Oakland
2011: Jacksonville
2012: Tampa Bay
2013: Cincinnati, Denver, Kansas City
2014: Minnesota, New England (2013 playoff game), Seattle

* Only two players in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) have scored 20-plus points in a playoff game. Blount did it in a playoff game last year for the Patriots; Ricky Watters had 30 points for the 49ers in a playoff game in 1994 (1993 season playoffs).

* Fifty-one players have scored 20 or more points in an NFL game since 2000. Teams were 49-2 in those games.

* Gale Sayers holds the NFL mark with 36 points scored in a game. He did it in 1965. Green Bay Paul Hornung had 33 points in a 1961 contest. There have been 11 players who have scored 30 points in a game.

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