New England Patriots look to increase double-digit wins streak

Will the Patriots get their 12th consecutive season with 10-plus wins?

Will the Patriots get their 12th consecutive season with 10-plus wins?

Nineteen of the 32 NFL teams still have a mathematical chance of winning 10 or more games this season. Twelve of those teams are in the AFC while only seven still have a shot in the NFC.

The New England Patriots are one of the AFC teams with a great shot at 10 or more wins. In fact, the Pats already have nine wins and will likely get to the double-digit mark for the 12th straight season. Their current streak of 11 consecutive years with 10 or more wins is the second longest streak in NFL history. The longest streak belongs to the San Francisco 49efrs franchise. They had 10-plus wins in 16 straight seasons from 1983-98.

Here’s a look at the longest consecutive streaks of 10 or more win seasons in the NFL.

16: San Francisco 49ers (1983-98)

11: New England Patriots (2003-13)

9: Indianapolis Colts (2002-10)

7: Dallas Cowboys (1975-81)

6: Dallas Cowboys (1991-96); Dallas Cowboys (1968-73); Miami Dolphins (1970-75); Los Angeles Rams (1973-78)

5: Chicago Bears (1984-88); Philadelphia Eagles (2000-04); Philadelphia Eagles (1988-92); Pittsburgh Steelers (1972-76); Washington Redskins (1983-87)

Since 2000, 31 of the 32 teams have had at least one 10-win season. The only team without a 10-win season since the turn of the century is the Buffalo Bills. With a 7-5 record this season, the Bills need to win three of their last four games to finally reach the 10-win mark this century.

Leading the way with the most 10-win seasons since 2000 are the Patriots and Colts, each with 12 such seasons in the last 14 NFL campaigns. Following are the number of 10-win seasons for each NFL franchise since 2000.

12: Indianapolis, New England
9: Green Bay, Philadelphia
8: Baltimore, Pittsburgh
6: Denver, New Orleans, N.Y. Giants
5: Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Tennessee
4: Carolina, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Miami, Minnesota, N.Y. Jets, San Diego, Tampa Bay
3: Dallas, Oakland, St. Louis
2: Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville, Washington
1: Cleveland, Detroit
0: Buffalo

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