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NBA Notebook: Players who were drafted by Milwaukee who never put on a Bucks uniform; best left-handed free throw shooters; 2014 NBA player census


Here’s a few items you may find interesting about the NBA.

* Each year NBA teams draft players who have the potential of never playing a game for that team because of trades, they just aren’t good enough for the team, or there is no room on the team for a rookie. Let’s take a look at the college players the Milwaukee Bucks drafted who never put on a Bucks uniform. For a few of those draft choices, the Bucks missed out on a player of Hall of Fame caliber.

Here’s a list of players drafted by Milwaukee who never put on a Bucks uniform; they are listed by most career points scored.

Player, Year Drafted by the Bucks, Career Points
Dirk Nowitzki, 1998, 27,148
Julius Erving, 1972, 18,364
Stephon Marbury, 1996, 16,297
Terry Mills, 1990, 7,175
Voshon Lenard, 1994, 6,745
Mario Elie, 1985, 6,265
Eric Snow, 1995, 5,791
Bobby Phills, 1991, 5,153

* Remember that time when someone asked you who was the greatest left-handed free throw shooter of all-time? Yea, I don’t remember that either. Well, here are the left-handed NBA players who rank in the Top 10 for best career free throw percentage.

Chris Mullin….. 86.5%
Johnny Dawkins….. 85.7%
James Harden….. 85.2% (active)
Jack Marin….. 84.3%
Michael Redd….. 83.8%
Travis Best….. 83.5%
Cuttino Mobley….. 83.5%
Manu Ginobli….. 83.3%
Damon Stoudamire….. 83.3%
Howard Komives….. 83.0%

* Mykel Kovar, Data Analysis & Editorial Content with Best Tickets.com, forwarded to me a copy of “The Unofficial 2014 Player Census,” a look at the over 400 players who are on 15-man NBA rosters this season. Among the findings:

1. Centers make the most money. The average salary of centers is $5.39m. Point guards are second at $5.27m.

2. The tallest team is Portland; shortest team is Phoenix.

3. The Hornets are the heaviest tem at 228.3 lbs./player. The lightest is the 76ers at 216.1 lbs./player.

4. Just under 69% of the players in the NBA are black. Just under 22 percent are white.

5. One hundred and five players in the NBA were born outside the U.S. Most: Canada with nine.

6. Most of the players born in the U.S. were born in California… 13% of the league.

7. The four colleges with the most players in the NBA are Duke and Kentucky with 18 and Kansas and North Carolina with 17.

8. The San Antonio Spurs are the league’s oldest team (an average of 29 years per player). The youngest are the 76ers at an average of 23 years of age.

9. Exactly 100 of the players on rosters on Opening Day were 30 years of age or older. The highest concentrate of players (37.4% of the league) were players age 23-26.

10. Fifty-two of the players played high school basketball in California, highest of any of the 50 states. second was Texas with 27 players.

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