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Can the Cowboys finish 2014 undefeated on the road?


There’s a lot to celebrate in Dallas: An NFC East Division championship and an upcoming home playoff game. This Sunday the Cowboys are on the road facing the Washington Redskins. A victory in D.C. would not only finish their 2014 season, but it would signal a perfect 8-0 record on the road this season. And based on past history, an undefeated road record has been a good omen for the past 11 teams that reached that milestone.

Since 1966 (the start of the Super Bowl era), there have been 11 teams that were unbeaten on the road in a season. Of those 11, eight went on to play in the Super Bowl that year. Will the Cowboys become the 12th team to have an unblemished away record… and if they do, will that be enough to give them a spot in this year’s Super Bowl?

Here’s a look at the teams that were undefeated in road games in an NFL season (and how well they performed in the playoffs that season).

Team, Year (road record), playoffs that year

New England, 2007 (8-0) lost in the Super Bowl
St. Louis Rams, 2001 (8-0), lost in the Super Bowl
San Francisco, 1990 (8-0), lost in the NFC Championship Game
San Francisco, 1989 (8-0), won the Super Bowl
San Francisco, 1984 (8-0), won the Super Bowl
Washington, 1982* (5-0), won the Super Bowl
Miami, 1972, (7-0), won the Super Bowl
Baltimore Colts, 1968, (7-0) lost in the Super Bowl
Dallas, 1968, (7-0) lost in the first round
Los Angeles Rams, 1967, (6-0-1), lost in the first round
Kansas City, 1966, (7-0), lost in the Super Bowl

* Strike-shortened season

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