Home field advantage in the 2014 NFL playoffs: You decide!


Can the Patriots run away from the Ravens in the playoffs?

Can the Patriots run away from the Ravens in the playoffs?

We are a few hours away from the next round of the NFL playoffs. Today’s contests are Baltimore at New England and Carolina at Seattle. Tomorrow will have Green Bay hosting Dallas and Indianapolis traveling to Denver to face the Broncos.

Here’s a few stats about the eight remaining teams and their home/road performances in the playoffs (when not mentioned, all stats reflect numbers since 1970).

* The four home teams this weekend have a combined 49-15 record in playoff games since 1970 (the AFL-NFL merger). Seattle has the best home playoff record since 1970 at 9-2 (.818). AFC teams Denver and New England are both 15-4 (.789) in the playoffs since 1970 as the home team, while the Packers are 10-5 (.667) as a playoff home team since ’70. Seattle has won seven straight home playoff games; Denver has won six of their last eight home playoff contests; the Patriots are 4-3 in their last seven home playoff games; the Packers are 3-5 in their last eight playoff games at Lambeau field.

* The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost the most home playoff games at home since 1970 with nine. The San Francisco 49ers are second on the list with eight home playoff losses. The Steelers and 49ers are tied for the most home playoff wins since 1970 with 20.

* Of the four road teams this weekend, the Ravens and Panthers have had success as road playoff teams. Baltimore is 10-5 (.667) in road playoff games, the Panthers are also at .667 with four wins and two losses. Dallas is 9-12 (.429 winning percentage) since 1970 as a road playoff team; the Colts franchise is only 5-12 (.294) in road playoff games. The Ravens have won three straight road playoff games; the Panthers have won four of their last five road playoff games. At the other end, the Cowboys have lost six consecutive road playoff games; the Colts have lost five of their last six road playoff games.

* The Ravens lead the NFL since 1970 with 10 road playoff wins. The Cowboys are second with nine wins as an away playoff team. The Colts and Cowboys franchises are tied for second with the most road playoff losses with 12.

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