AFC, NFC Championship Game stats


The 2014 season edition of the AFC and NFC championship games will take place on Sunday when the Packers travel to Seattle and the Patriots host the Colts.

Green Bay, Indianapolis and New England are no strangers to these title games, while the Seahawks are fast becoming perennial championship contenders after their Super Bowl win last year.

Ten different NFL franchises have not made an appearance in a conference championship game this century. Three of those 10 teams played in the playoffs this season — Cincinnati, Dallas and Detroit – but none of the three advanced to the title contest.

Here is the last time each NFL franchise made an appearance in a conference championship game.

Never: Houston
1988: Cincinnati
1989: Cleveland
1991: Detroit, Washington
1992: Miami
1993: Buffalo, Kansas City
1995: Dallas
1999: Jacksonville
2001: St. Louis Rams
2002: Oakland, Tampa Bay, Tennessee
2005: Carolina
2007: San Diego
2008: Arizona, Philadelphia
2009: Minnesota, New Orleans
2010: Chicago, New York Jets, Pittsburgh
2011: New York Giants
2012: Atlanta, Baltimore
2013: Denver, San Francisco
2014: Green Bay, Indianapolis, New England, Seattle

Here’s a few more stats about the conference championship games since 1970 (the NFL-AFL merger).

  • Five AFC teams have not won a conference championship since 1970 (Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City and New York Jets), while only one NFC team has not won an NFC title since the merger (Detroit).
  • San Francisco and Pittsburgh are tied with the most championship game appearances since 1970, 15. They are followed by Dallas (14), New England and Oakland (11), St. Louis/L.A. Rams and Denver (9), Minnesota (8), Indianapolis and Miami (7), Green Bay, Philadelphia and Washington (6).
  • The Steelers have hosted the most conference title games since 1970 with 11. They are followed by San Francisco (9), Denver, Miami and New England (6), Dallas, Oakland, Washington (5).
  • The Cowboys have won the most conference championship games on the road since 1970 with four. New England and the New York Giants have each won three, while Baltimore, Denver, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and San Francisco have each own two.

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