A look back at previous Championship Game appearances by the Packers

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

Okay Packers fans… are you looking for some sign that will indicate if the Packers can win on Sunday versus the Seahawks? Green Bay has played in seven NFL/NFC Championship Games since 1966. They are 5-2 in those games. Here are a few stats (since 1966) that give some history to what helped the Pack win those five games.

  • Green Bay is 3-1 in Championship Games on the road.
  • In title games where they scored 21 or more points, they are 5-1.
  • If they held the opposition under 20 points, they were 4-0. If they allowed 23 or more points, they were 1-2.
  • If the Packers QBs threw two or more interceptions, the team was 1-2. If the QBs had one or no interceptions, they were 4-0.
  • In the seven Championship Games where they gained 80 or more yards rushing, the Packers were 5-0. If they had 20 or more rushing attempts in the title game they were also 5-0.
  • If the Pack attempted 35 or more passes, Green Bay was 0-2. If they attempted 30 or fewer passes, they were 5-0.
  • The Packers were 4-0 if they scored at least one TD via a run.
  • Green Bay was 1-2 if they allowed the opponents to have 100 or more yards rushing.
  • If the Packers defense got two or more takeaways in the game, they were 5-0. If they got one or no takeaways, they were 0-2.
  • Green Bay was 3-0 in NFL/NFC Championship Games where they held the opponents scoreless in the first quarter.
  • If they allowed the opposition to score 10 or fewer points in the first half, the Packers were 4-1.

So based on past history (and stats), the Packers have a good shot at winning if they… score over 21 points, hold Seattle to under 20 points, have no more than one turnover, run the ball well (and often), have the defense get at least two takeaways, hold Seattle scoreless in the first quarter, and hold them to 10 points or less in the first half. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

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