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Stats from the Seahawks four losses in 2014: Can the Pack duplicate?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

Here’s one final posting before the Packers-Seahawks game this afternoon…

Let’s examine the four Seattle losses this season (they lost to Dallas, Kansas City, San Diego and St. Louis). Here are 10 stats that defined each of the four losses:

* Seattle allowed their opponents to rush for over 100 yards in each loss.

* The opposition had 27 or more rushing attempts in each defeat.

* Seattle scored under 27 points in each loss.

* Opponents scored 24 or more points in the four wins over Seattle.

* The opponents completed over 65% of their passes in each of the four Seattle losses.

* The Seattle defense had no interceptions in their four games they lost.

* The Seattle defense had one or no sacks in those four losses.

* The Seattle defense allowed 275 or more total yards to each team that beat them.

* Each team that defeated Seattle in 2014 had at least 14 points at halftime.

* In their four losses, the Seahawks were behind going into the fourth quarter in two games (down by eight to the Rams; down by six to the Chargers) tied with Dallas, and ahead by three versus Kansas City.

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