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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl touchdowns

Antonio Freeman

Antonio Freeman

Fourteen different players from the Green Bay Packers scored touchdowns in the team’s five Super Bowl appearances. Leading the way is receiver Antonio Freeman who had three TDs in two Super Bowl games. Three other Packers had multiple Super Bowl TDs: Greg Jennings, Max McGee and Elijah Pitts.

Freeman, Jennings, McGee and Pitts each had several regular season TD with the Packers: Freeman had 57, Jennings ad 53, McGee had 51, and Pitts had 35.

There were, however, a few of the remaining 10 players who scored TDs in the Super Bowl for the Packers that only a handful of regular season TDs for the Pack but scored a TD in the Super Bowl. Here are the 10 players who had/have one Super Bowl TD to their credit and the number of regular season TDs they scored with the Packers:

Player, Regular Season TDs with the Packers
Herb Adderley… 9
Donny Anderson… 31
Mark Chmura… 17
Nick Collins… 5
Body Dowler… 40
Brett Favre… 13
Desmond Howard… 3
Jordy Nelson… 49
Andre Rison… 1
Jim Taylor… 91

In addition to the players above, there are several Green Bay players who scored 30 or more regular season TDs for the team yet did not get a Super Bowl score. Topping the list is Ahman Green; he had 68 career touchdowns with the Packers yet did not have a Super Bowl score. Following are the 13 Packers players who scored 30 or more career TDs with the team but did not have a Super Bowl TD (since 1966).

Player, Regular Season TDs with the Packers
Ahman Green… 68
Sterling Sharpe… 65
Donald Driver… 62
James Lofton… 50
Dorsey Levens… 44
Paul Coffman… 39
James Jones… 37
Robert Brooks… 35
Gerry Ellie… 35
Carroll Dale… 33
John Brockington… 32
Bubba Franks… 32
Eddie Lee Ivery… 30

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