Sixty-five years of NBA players

At 6'&" and 215 pounds, is the Bucks Khris Middleton the "average" NBA player?

At 6’7″ and 215 pounds, is the Bucks Khris Middleton the “average” NBA player?

Courtesy of Andrew Powell-Morse, Director of Marketing & Editorial Content with SeatSmart, here is a look at some key stats regarding the players who have played in the NBA over the past 65 years. Titled, “Historical Profile of the NBA Player: 1947-2015,” the complete article can be viewed at Following are some selected numbers from the article.

* The average height of the NBA player has gone from 74.32 inches (just over 6’2″) in 1947 to 78.93 inches (just under 6’7″).

* The average weight of NBA players has increased from 188.7 pounds in 1947 to 216.1 in 2015.

* California tops the list of where NBA players were born. Following California is New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

* Of those NBA players born outside the U.S., the country that has had the most players in the NBA is Canada, followed by France, Germany, Serbia and Australia.

* The high school that has had the most graduates play in the NBA is Oak Hill Academy (Virginia) with 21.

* The University of Kentucky and UCLA are tied for the most NBA players that have attended their schools. North Carolina is third, followed by Kansas and Duke.

Thanks to Andrew for sending this article and giving me permission to reprint the findings. If you have time, check out the complete article… it’s very interesting.

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